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I was at work last night and me and the rest of the nurses got into a discussion on Twilight. I just wanted to know to know how many of you read the books, way before the movie came out??? We were talking about how many fans Twilight has, and some people havent even read the books at all. Wheather or not you never have or you have I'm not here to make judgement.

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i read all the books before the movies came out, i was on holidays from work n read them all in a week, iv read them a few times aswell
ME! It's better because you still have the original Edward and Bella from you're head and not just Rob and Kristen when you read.
I allways read the book before I see the film :)
Twilight came out a bit late in macedonia :) But I had read the book before I saw Twilight :)
I allways read the book before I see the film :)
Twilight came out a bit late in macedonia :) But I had read the book before I saw Twilight :)
First read all the books before I even knew there were movies. Then also read Midnight Sun and only then got to watch the first two movies. Only got to c Eclipse tonight. So far the best of the movies. But the books still gave me goosebumps.
I watched Twilight first and then read the rest of the books before New Moon came out. I had brought them all before seeing Twilight but didn't get around to reading them 'til after.
I'm actually glad I read them after seeing the first film though as in the past I have watched films after reading books and have been disappointed because the films tend to change parts of the stories.
As far as I can tell all of the Twilight films have been true to the books. Good job! :)
(if this isn't so please don't burst my bubble lol)
Yeah I saw Twilight and then it peaked my interest so I got all the books and read them about a million times!!!
me me me!! haa

I was given the twilight book a couple of years ago as a christmas present, I had all the books read before the films came out! I'm loving the films and after seeing Eclipse im rereading Breaking dawn because i haven't read it since it had first came out! I love the all the detail in the books that you don't get in the films..and then watching the films and knowing the details behind things that the people who haven't read the books don't get!
I think that it's terrible when people don't read the books before they see the movies. My best friend is one of those people... I just wouldn't be able to stand it if I couldn't see the story both ways... I read all the books before I saw the movies, several times. I just can't ever seem to put them down. I loved all the films, and I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn. I just heard that Part 1 comes out November 2011! I'm so excited!
I saw the first movie and then read all the books after that. I was half way finish with Breaking Dawn when New Moon came out
I read twilight while it was in theatres. i didnt see the movie till last year
I read eclipe while twilight was still in theatres, same with new moon and ahviously with breaking dawn
I read all four books before I watched either movie :) Yay Twilight!!!!


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