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I was at work last night and me and the rest of the nurses got into a discussion on Twilight. I just wanted to know to know how many of you read the books, way before the movie came out??? We were talking about how many fans Twilight has, and some people havent even read the books at all. Wheather or not you never have or you have I'm not here to make judgement.

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I have read all the book before the movies except for Twilight.......I watch that on Sky and didn't particularly love it. The whilst I was on holiday I started reading Twilight cos none of the other books there were very interesting.......then I read all the books within about 2-3weeks. The books are tons,tons better. I was talking to a few people in the Eclipse queue and I also was amazed how many people haven't read any of the books!!
first I saw twilight movie, then half way through it I knew I was hooked. Then somebody told me there are books to the series and I read all the books before newmoon came out.
I read the books way before I heard the first movie Twilight was coming out. It took me only four days to read the books. I couldn't let them go once I began reading them. It was part of my daily activity and once I finished the books I was so wrapped up in watching the movies. I didn't feel so disappointed like some other fans did when they watched the movie. I felt extremely excited just seeing the characters come to life in front of me from a book I fell in love with. Twilight brought all my imagination out just like my other awesome Trilogy movie The Lord of The Rings. This story I read in black & white with no pictures, no graphics just what the author described in the books then seeing it come to life it was like my fairy tale world had become finally part of mine. This is how the Twilight Saga has enchanted me. The magic of seeing all the characters, vampires, werewolves, humans come to life was a treat you can't never imagine while reading the books. Especially since Summit and the directors have done an awesome job by keeping so close to the books. Thank you Stephanie Meyers for writing a beautiful love story. Emmett Cullen Breaking Twilight also known as myself Mrs. Ildira Peterson
I think that Peter Jackson did an excuisite job with the LOTR, cause the way he transfered the books to the movies was genius.. he used all of the events (most of them) but he made it simpler cause the books have so many names, places, dates and events that it would be difficult to keep up while watching the movie if you haven't read the books, and don't forget that they released the extended dvds with 45 minutes more so the fans of LOTR were totally satisfied and the story was more complete. The problem for me with Summit is that they leave out crusual scenes from the book, not so much that they alternate the story at some parts, especially emotional scenes between Edward and Bella, and people who never read the books could be misled about their characters. The movies could and should be 2 1/2 hours, thank God they divided BD in two.
I watch the movie and then read all the book. I saw the movie at Desember 2008 and I read the book at July 2009
I don't know if the movie from the novel,, so it's to late for me for reading the book
i read the book last year Feb, but i watch the twilight movie in may 2009. is a bit late
ive read twilight after the movie new moon before eclipse before and working on breaking dawn still
I read the books several times before the movies came out! Can't get enough of them!
yeah lots of people either havent read the books but watched the movies or only started reading after the movie became popular. theres nothing wrong with that because its just good that more people are learning about the AWESOMNESS of twilight! and i did read the books before watching any of the movies! :D
I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn before they came out.


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