The Twilight Saga

I just wanted to write songs that I hate, because if people agree, I know it's bad!

1. Boyfriend- "Big Time Rush"

"Big Time Rush" is usually a pretty good band, but this song is just horrible because of one section of the song.

Lyric Segment: "Everyday like Slum Dog Millionaire, bigger than the TWILIGHT LOVE AFFAIR, I'll be here, girl I swear."

Reason: It's basically saying that Twilight's love affair is nothing, and they can do better. Plus, for the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" all they say is they can equalize it, and Twilight's love is less than the love in "Slum Dog Millionaire."


2. Dancing Crazy- Miranda Cosgrove

Reason: Miranda Cosgrove DEFINITLEY should not me singing, she's an "okay" of an actor, so why does she choose to be singing. Her singing is trying to copy Katy Perry's voice. Katy Perry has a very strong voice and she uses her throat alot. Miranda is trying to do that, but it ends up having her voice nasal. There's a lyric segment that is really stupid and I just HATE IT!

Lyric Segment: "Did you hear me say that, did'ya did'ya hear me say that, SMACK!"


That's all I have for now, I will update this. I promise I will put songs that you probably know. If you have any suggestions on songs you hate, put the song below, and I might write about it in my update. :)


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Oh my goodness. I have not heard of these people or songs but just the lyrics in a few would make me hate them. I do not like hearing a vioce that sounds like it is coming thru the nasel either.
OMG!!!!!!!!! I feel exactly the same way!!!! I thought I was the only one. I don't think she is a very good singer and an even worse actress and Big Time Rush is out of there mind if they think anything is bigger than our love for Twilight!!!!
I haven't heard of these songs either.
Seriously, you haven't heard these songs.. Umm, no offence, but these are modern songs. So, yeah..

PFFT cocky i ant hurd these songs  either 


aww leve Miranda Cosgrove alone aww.... ill give u summent to hate JUSTIN BEBIER!


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