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Hello Twilight Fans!


I have been getting these emails (like 3-4 @ a time) from this group advertising for 'quick cash' & other crap I consider spam.


Is anyone else getting these? In my opinion, this is completely inappropriate & just plain rude to use a fan site for someone to send these kind of emails.


Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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I have I was wondering if I was the only one getting them myself. It is good to no Im not. I hate it. I hate junk mail anyway but from this site... ggeezz... I am with you it is "just plain rude to use a fan site for someone to send these kind of emails." I just think who ever is doing it needs to be stopped because I get like 5 to 10 in a row of the same thing. It is kind of annoying because it takes up space in my inbox.



nope but just don't open them they are probably a virus trying to hack in.
I get them 2. I just delete them. Do not open them who knows. It drives me crazy2.
I haven't received any myself, but I agree with you.

Yes!  I have been getting them and deleting them without opening.  They are annoying, I agree.

I get 3 - 4 on daily basis! Grr...


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