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Ok so I know almost all of you would love to go to a Stephenie Meyer book signing. So why is it that Stephenie doesn't advertise them? Back in Oct. or Nov. my friend went to Boston to a book signing by her favorite author Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush Hush Saga). While she was there she heard that there was a Stephenie Meyer book signing near by, and sure enough, there was. This wasn't advertised ANYWHERE. Not Steph's website, not the Lexicon, and not this site. Well since my friend knows how much I love Twilight, think about my surprise when on Christmas, I open up a signed, personalized copy of the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. She told me there were soooo many people there that they were only allowing one book per person. (The crazy amazing friend she is, she got BACK in line and waited another 6 hours so she could get me one). But shouldn't this stuff be advertised?!?!? I think it should!

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Perhaps SM or her public relations folks are worried about her being crushed by her mob of fans?! I don't have that worry as I don't have that many "followers" just yet so my first signing for my new book "Immortal Relations" is Feb 14th. It is only at the local Hastings Books because I'm a local author, otherwise it is only available at Amazon and Kindle. I'm trying to get Kindle to put it on there site for FREE, but right now it is only free for their "Prime" membership. 

i think it should b advertised, thats the thing if it is SO many more people will be waiting and bursting through to get to stephanie everyone wants her signature for themselves. if its advertised more people will be waiting in line for 3 days... idk


I think it should be advertised too.


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