The Twilight Saga

OMG Check out someones grandma with her twilight tattoo.





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Holy cow!!!  that is awesome!

I agree with you as well Tracy :)

I think she is also a team Edward??? ;)  I think the tats are awesome... especially with the pic of Edward, Jacob and Bella like the New Moon movie cover :)

it is so well done=) very beautiful and good for her<3

all right then


OMG!!!!!! I can't believe she did that. I think that is so cool.
Hey I am 27 years old and I have a tattoo for twilight! You are never too old  to love twilight! I have several more Twilight related tattoos that im getting soon.

<3 That is great. I plan on getting one as well. I want one that will involve my kids and Twilight at the time. I ahve a few ideas going through my mind. Thanks for sharing yours=)

I am 33 and I love Twilight=P

I am 30 and I am planning on getting a Cullen crest tattoo :) (for both Bella and Edward)
that will be great! I love how the artist who did these tattoo's did the crest. it looks amazing. I wish I knew her tattoo artist, I would be going to him or her
No prob next one is "Her blood sings for his soul" in itailian with some drops of blood dripping thru the words which im getting done on the 29th of this month. Thanks it may not look that awesome cause I draw my own tattoos but its something that is completely mine original... I think if you are passionate about something u should be passionate all the way around ;]

that will be nice<3


I have this tattoo picture in my files. I thought it was very well done<3 the words could have been positioned  better but the flower is amazing. I think your idea sounds like it will look nice


I agree about the passionate part, the only things I have been dazzled by is Edward and my so I plan on involving both in my next tattoo


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