The Twilight Saga

U guys have tattoos??
Any 1 has Twi tatto?
I wanna make a tatto of Twilight or Team Edward. But am confuced.. Wht the art i wud b...
Any1 has any sug?

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i have 5 tattoos:
1 on left side of my forearm which is stars and flowers
1 on inside of left wrist which is a flower and a verse for my grandad who died
1 on the inside of my right wrist which is a star design that my fiance designed
1 on my back which is a skull with a bow in her hair and hearts for eyes
1 on the side of my right forearm which is two hearts, a pink and blue for me and my fiance.

i am thinking of having que quowle put underneath it as it means stay with me forever so its something for me and my fiance plus something from twilight.

i sometimes sit and look at my tattoos and think what am i going to look like when im older. but then realise that there are millions of other people in the world that will also get old with tattoos. my motto is, you only live once and you cant worry about everything.
I agree wth u....

And I thnk ths tattos which u have r so swt... Thts nt gonna bother u...
Wow.... Pink & black.... Nice...
U remove the Tatto? Y?
actually i thought about getting a Cullen Family Crest tattooed .... :)

because Bella is part of Cullen family so I thought having the family crest will say I am team edward, bella and cullens lol
Yeah.. I appriciate it.. I ws also thinking abt it
They all r parmanent???
How they look?
A FAIRY? So... Sweet...
My friend has edward in black and white on her shoulder and im in the process of designing a tatto of bellas braclet for myslef so far i have inluded the heart, wolf, apple, cullen crest and the wolf tattoo can any one think of any ting else to include? i would be realy gratefull
U may include the RED RAGGED RIBBON(eclipse)...
oh I hadnt thought of that, the design is still being drawn out as my tattooist works all over the uk and europe so have to wait for him to come home to do mine so far we have included the cullen crest, apple, heart, wolf and the chess piece, so the ribbon will be a good addition! space for one more charm any htoughts anyone? I already have 13 tats so am aware of their permenancy
THIRTEEN??? *got faint*


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