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I think that Edward is the correct team because Jacob cannot force Bella to be with him. If Bella doesnt want to, she doesnt have to. Even if she doesnt want to. It's her life. Not his!!

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i agree 2
Of course is her life! And the dirty dog can`t do anything to her! I agree
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dirty dog =D
I agree... Jacob pushes himself onto her and Edward just lets her choose! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!
I agree and disagree. Look at it logically, Jacob loved Bella too. He wasn't forcing himself on her. He was helping her realize that she loved him too. He thought if she was turned into a vampire, he and his pack would have to kill her and he didn't want to do that to the one he loved. It's why he fault so hard, it may have looked like he was pushing himself on her, but it wasn't. Give him a little credit.
not only is it the right choice but its the best choice!!!!!!
totally agreeing with you
That is totally right and besides if not for Edward Jacob would have never met Renessmee
Of course Edward is the right choice. He has been sense Twilight. Adding Jacob into the mix just caused a problem.
im definitely agree too...


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