The Twilight Saga

Has anyone seen any of this? I have seen all of it and I loved it.

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Yeah i also saw all of them.. they are really good (;
Rob....... < 33333
I liked to watch anything that has Kristin Stewart or Robert Pattison in it. So definitely liked it!
Is it just me, or does Kristin seem extremely uncomfortable?
It's not just you! It's like she's on drugs XD
Well, I don't know about that...but it seems to me like she's embarressed to be there, or something. Like she doesn't like having all that attention thrown at her...I feel kind of bad for her!
woah yer shes really uncomfortable lol but i would be if i was in that position xD
yeah I totally agree with u on that.
ur welcome. I thought it would be fun to watch.
rob is so funny lol
yea kristen is deff acting strange in this... but its was nice watching!!! n gawd i hate her hair cut which i know its for her new movie but still its horrible!!!


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