The Twilight Saga

Post the best picture of Robert Pattinson! 

(Thanks for the great pictures so far!)

If you want to see the same discussion about Taylor Lautner:

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i abso lutly love this pic this my fave pic of himtoatly even bttr thn the ones with him shirtless and other stuff abso lute LOOOOOVVVEEE IT im tlkn abt the 1 by im immortal above this 3 pics ok

He does the "crooked little smile" pretty well.

......speechless really
all of these are the best
in my opinion rob looks the best when he looks like edward... in costume and such....
yeah, I agree with that, he's more 'perfect' when he's Edward... He has some great pictures as Robert though...
yeah i know Robert looks
when hes Edward

<33 jasmine
This is really hot pic of rob but i couldn't get it on here so i had


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