The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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ooooooooh myyyy gooooodneess!!!!!!!!!!! It sooo coool lovely!!!! Beautifull love it every sentence it was awesome... The kiss was beatifull y the I Love You is amasing!!!!

Great Chapter!

I'm so glad they're happy :D

I....LOVE....IT!!! Thanks for all the chapters. They're great!! You really have a gift. Can't wait for the next chapters!!!!! :-)


It's obvious that in the Twilight book its mentioned that Mike is a golden retriever and Bella imagined him with a wagging tail

And that line, was the inspiration for the name LOL, sorry if it offended you though...

i just started reading your story today and couldn't stop until i read all that you have written so far.  I love this story, please continue and keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there everyone! 

Enjoy ;-)

Chapter 14

I love you


Edward had just pronounced those three words, the most three important words in the world, I couldn’t believe it. Was I ready to say them back? Yes I am, I’ve been waiting to say them for a while, but I was afraid that it was too soon…I mean it’s still too soon but he had said them first, that means he felt the same way.

I’ve told myself that I wasn’t going to tell anyone those words unless I was a 100% sure that I meant them, and not if I wasn’t sure that he was the one. Edward is the one, I could feel it, since I met him I can’t be away from him, Edward is everything to me.

He was still waiting for an answer.

I took a deep breath and entwined our hands, “I love you too Edward. I couldn’t wait to tell you” I replied to him, he visibly relaxed and smiled.

“Why didn’t you tell me Bella?” Edward asked me, “I was afraid that you would think that it was too soon…” I said as he chuckled, “what?” I asked amused “I thought you would think the same thing” he responded.

Edward raised my hand to his face and kissed my knuckles, my skin tingled I leaned in and kissed him; it was a sweet loving kiss, I expressed what I felt trough it.

Alice interrupted us, “Edward sorry to interrupt but Aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazar are leaving, and Eliza fell asleep.” Alice told us, Edward nodded and we followed Alice back into my house; they were already almost at the door, they had already said goodbye to everyone else “thank you so much for inviting us, we had a great time.” Carmen said, “It was nice to meet you Bella”

“Yeah, nice too meet you too” I replied. They said their farewells to Edward and left, Esme decided to leave too “okay, I guess we should get going too…” she said.

Edward sighed and nodded, Alice went to get her clutch and say goodbye to Jasper, when she returned, I opened the door for them and Esme and Alice got out first. Esme tossed a goodnight at me and went to look for the car, Alice said goodbye and thanks with a hug to me, and last Edward “thanks for inviting me Bella, another great night to add to my list” he said with a smile.

“My pleasure” I replied

Esme honked the horn in exasperation, “goodnight Edward, I love you” I said kissing him.

“I love you too Bella” Edward said

He turned around and left, I closed the door behind him.

He said it, he had finally said it, and the best thing is that I felt the same way.

Edward loved me…


Bella loved me, I couldn’t believe it. I thought that she was going to say that it was too soon but she didn’t. Instead she surprised me by saying the words back, I was so happy another perfect night for my list…not that I was really counting or keeping a list.

Two days later, I was with Alice at the library while mom went to the grocery store, I took the rare moment and told her about the night of the 31st “so Bella and I declared ourselves” I started, “what you mean?” Alice asked.

“right after saying happy new year I told her that I loved her” I said, I heard my sister gasp, “what did she say!” Alice said exited, “I thought she was going to say it was too soon, but she actually said that she loved me too” I stated.

“Oh my god, Edward, that’s great! I’m happy for you two” she said and hugged me. She told me about the day when she and jasper had said the words themselves, and then we chatted about Aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazar’s acceptance of Bella and jasper, and also about Eliza being jealous of Bella, we again laughed at the memory.

College started a few days later, Bella and I didn’t have a class together but we both had a free period at the same time. Her classes now started at 10:00am, so she worked from 7:00am to 9:55am at the library; and then she would go back from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.

Our second month anniversary came by and we went out to dinner again, this time we went to a Chinese rest, the same one jasper took Alice on their first date.

The food was amazing, Bella then drove us to get some ice cream, and then we went out and ate them at her car, while we listened to some music.

“Edward” Bella said we were on campus seating under a tree her head was on my lap, I was reading Evermore, by: Alyson Noel to her while she fed us gummy sour worms.

“Yes love” I said, “do you remember stuff, I mean from before you had the accident?” she asked me.

“Yes, I do remember some stuff” I replied, “What do you want to know?” I asked her.

“Do you remember colors and shapes…? I don’t know stuff like that…” she said

I chuckled, “yes love I remember, I have all those images engraved to my brain, what’s unknown for me are the things from the past eight years, like Alice, the memory I have from her is from when she was ten, I know she cut her hair but I don’t know what other changes she has, and of course I remember how I looked like but I bet that if I saw myself in a mirror now I wouldn’t recognize me.” I told her, she sighed.

“Did you accepted it?” she asked me, “what, the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to see again? No I didn’t, I hated it, I turned bitter for the first two years, that’s how long it took me to rehabilitate, I was in a nursing home for blind children, I refuge in myself, I didn’t want anyone’s pity. That’s why I was so scared when I met you Bella, I feared you were going to reject me” I explained.

Bella sat up and cupped my face, “Edward I love you for who you are, not because of how you look, even though you’re very handsome, that’s not important for me. The Edward I love is the one who lives in here” she said both hands above my heart.

“And nothing is going to change that Edward, the fact that you’re blind doesn’t matter to me, you could have one eye and webbed feet and I’ll love you anyway” Bella told me with a kiss.

This woman was amazing, when did I get so lucky? Then I realized that maybe dad was looking over me…or this was god’s response to my prayers when I felt alone, yeah that was it, he had sent me Bella.

I gave silent thanks to him, and also thanked him for being alive.

“I love you” I told her, “I love you too” Bella replied as she leaned in again and kissed me. She pressed her body to mine, she was so lean and warm, I didn’t want to let go, I wanted her in my arms forever.

January passed by and February made its entrance, I was on my way to my semi-annual optometrist revision appointment, mom Alice, and Bella were coming with me. Bella actually was meeting us there since mom still didn’t like her.

I didn’t know that from this doctor’s appointment, my family was going to acquire a new member…





Chapter 15

Dr. Carlisle Cullen


We arrived at the hospital, Bella had beaten us there.

“What is she doing here?” mom asked when she saw Bella, “I told her to come with me to the appointment” I replied.

“Why?” mom asked sharp, “is very simple mom, Bella is my girlfriend and I wanted her to be here too since she’s a very important part of my life now.” I told her

Mom huffed and let go of my arm, “be nice” Alice said.

Bella had heard the last of our argument, “I can leave Edward, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable” Bella said, I shushed her “is okay Bella” she took hold of my arm as I led the way on the very familiar hallway, some of the nurses greeted us, I introduced Bella to them.

When they called to the house to confirm the appointment they had told us that Dr. Gerandy had an announcement for us, I guess that’s why mom is in a pissy mood, she didn’t like it when she didn’t knew what was going on.

We took the elevator to the second floor, Bella was now holding my hand, and she was very quiet. The doors opened and we strode out, we walked the short distance to the small lobby and sat, mom signed my name on the list and took the seat at the other couch besides Alice. I was bouncing my leg up and down; I always got a little nervous when I went to these appointments, even though they were all the same. Bella was drawing circles on my palm trying to calm me down, it’s a nice gesture and I enjoy it very much.

We didn’t have to wait long for my name to be called, Dr. Gerandy came out and greeted us, and I introduced Bella,

“Dr. Gerandy this is my girlfriend Bella Swan” I said, they shook hands. Mom and Alice went inside the office, we stayed out a second longer I asked permission for Bella he told me that it was okay.

We entered and I took the last seat, I wanted to give the chair to Bella but she told me that this was my doctor’s appointment and that she was going to be fine standing behind me, I agreed.

“Okay before we proceed with the checkup Edward, I have an announcement… you’re going to be transferred to another specialist…” Dr. Gerandy started; mom didn’t even give him the chance to finish.

Esme’s POV

Why was she here? Why did Edward, told her to come? This wasn’t her business, she might be his “girlfriend” but this is a serious appointment and she was one too many on my book. Didn’t she take the hint? Didn’t she know I despised her?

I just walked away and got in the building, Dr. Gerandy wanted to talk to us before he checked Edward, I was angry that he didn’t told me up hand what was going on, I didn’t like this one bit…

We got to the waiting lobby and I signed Edward’s name, then I sat and we all waited. Bella held Edward’s right hand and drew calming circles on it, I held in a sob, it was supposed to be me the one doing that; I was the one who should be comforting him, not her.

My son was little by little breaking my already shattered heart.

They let us in and Edward introduced Bella, I went in with Alice and took my usual seat, there were just rare times when I didn’t come to Edward’s appointments I had to be really busy to miss out on them.

He entered with Bella and offered her the last seat, she declined on his offer, and she went to stand behind him.

My son reached out for her hand, she clasped them together and Edward relaxed instantly.

Dr. Gerandy started talking,

“Okay before we proceed with the checkup Edward, I have an announcement; you’re going to be transferred to another specialist…” Dr. Gerandy started; I didn’t even give him the chance to finish.

“What?” I interrupted, “you’re not going to be his doctor anymore, why?” I asked with indignation, after all these years and all the money I’ve put on Edwards wellbeing he was leaving him without his treatments, Was he out of his mind?

“Mom please let the doctor talk” Alice said, with exasperation.

“Mrs. Masen, if you let me finish there’s an explanation” he said.

“I’m still going to be Edward’s and Alice’s primary doctor Esme, is just that the hospital hired a new specialist on ophthalmology and I want him to be Edwards specialist, the doctor who will be in charge from now on of his blindness. He came all the way from England, he wanted to relocate and the hospital gave him the job, he’s going to be treating our ten more important cases, Edward is one of them. He will also share his time with the other ophthalmologists and will have regular patients.”

He said, I nodded he continued, “He is one of the best doctors on the field. And as you may know, here at Kendall medical center we only hire the best.” He finished

“okay then, if this means that my son will have an even better treatment then I’m fine with it” I told him, he nodded “okay then let me escort you all to his office, he’s waiting for you” Dr. Gerandy said, we went out to the office and walked a few offices down we stopped in front of a door, it had a sign it read:

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, M.D specialist on general medicine, optometry, ophthalmology, and optical surgery.

Dr. Gerandy said his farewell and left, Alice knocked on the door, a few seconds passed and it was opened, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the man who opened the door. He was pale, blonde hair styled sleek and combed back. 

Edward’s voice broke me of the slight trance I was in, “hi I’m Edward Masen, one of your new patients” he told him,

“Dr. Cullen” he replied with an accent.  

I remembered that Dr. Gerandy said that he was British.

“Come on in” he left the door open and went to stand by his desk, we all entered and the Edward proceeded to introduce all of us. “My twin sister, Alice” he said, “nice to meet you” Dr. Cullen replied, “my girlfriend Bella” they shook hands, “and my mother Esme” I was introduced last.

Dr. Cullen then went to shake my hand, he smiled warmly he had a perfect smile, we shook hands, he had piercing blue eyes. Something inside of me stirred when our hands touched, I haven’t felt this in a long time, and it was wrong. I was a widow I need to preserve the memory of my husband forever, even if I don’t dress only in black and white anymore…

“Nice to meet you” he told me.

I went to seat beside Edward, Dr. Cullen sat too “Dr. Gerandy already told you that I’m going to be your new doctor, I will be in charge of your checkups and any tests that need to be done. I will be also doing some studies and see if you’re eligible and there’s some way that you can see again trough surgery. You and the other patients as well, I can assure you that you will be in good hands I have almost 25 years of experience.” He explained

See, this is what I didn’t wanted, I don’t want them to give my son false hope that he is going to see again. It’s been too long, the other doctors couldn’t find a way to get Edward his eyes back, and Dr. Cullen said he could? I would need to speak with him privately; maybe I can pass by tomorrow and have a serious talk with him…

“Well, I’m going to do the checkup now, please if you can wait outside” Dr. Cullen said.

For the first time ever I didn’t want to be in Edward’s checkup, I needed to get away from Dr. Cullen, I was feeling things that were wrong in so many levels… I nodded and motioned to Alice to follow me, she kissed Edwards cheek and left first, “Dr. Cullen can Bella stay with me?” Edward asked, “This is the first time she comes with me” Edward said.

He deliberated for a second and then asked, “Do you usually have someone with you on these types of appointments?”

“Ahh yeah, sometimes” Edward replied, “okay then, she can stay, anyone else?” he asked him.

“No, I’ll wait outside, I need some air” I said and closed the door.


Esme closed the door, Dr. Cullen put on his dr. coat and rolled a curtain, behind it was the examination area, and it had a few machines, two chairs, a small work table, and the examination table.

Dr. Cullen washed his hands in the small sink located in a corner of the room, and then sat at the rolling chair, Edward sat at the examination table while I seated on one of the other chairs from the office area.

“Okay Edward so tell me more about you” Dr. Cullen said while he took Edward’s vitals.

“What you want to know?” Edward asked him amused, “well tell me how you cached such a beautiful girl” Dr. Cullen said with a smile.

“Well, that’s a funny story actually” I started “Edward and I collided with each other in college; we didn’t saw each other until a few days.” I said, Edward talked then,

“And then on English literature class, we were using the buddy system, Bella and I were paired together, I realized later that she had been the one I collided with. I have to admit that Bella piqued my interest since that day” Edward confessed, we both blushed.

Dr. Cullen chuckled, Edward was standing on the scale, “okay Edward your actual weight is 155 pounds, and your height is 6’1”

“I actually grew one more inch? Sweet!” Edward exclaimed

Edward is almost 12 inches taller than me, wow! Why was Alice so small then? She is ‘5 inches tall, and I’m 5’5.

We chatted animatedly while Dr. Cullen continued the exam, the last thing he did to Edward was draw some blood to do some tests, Dr. Cullen cleared Edward, not before giving him the date of his next appointment, instead of being in six months it was going to be in three so Edward was coming back on the second week of March.

Dr. Cullen is a very cheerful man, he made us laugh at all, of course he has a serious side, but is not overly so. I enjoyed the appointment; he made me forget that he was a doctor for a while even though I knew he was on and that this was a serious visit for Edward.

We left the office hand in hand, Alice and Esme had been waiting outside, and they saw us and stood up “why don’t we go for some lunch?” Alice suggested, I looked at Esme and waited for her answer.

“Ahh, sure why not” Esme said, I sighed and followed them. In the parking lot I got in my car while they got in the Mercedes they always drove around, James closed the door after Alice entered and got in. I followed them to T.G Fridays, I parked and met them at the door, Edward said he needed to go to the bathroom after our drink and appetizer order was taken; Alice went with him since she had to go too.

It was a bit awkward between me and Esme; I was looking at the menu while I knew she stared at me.

“Was everything okay with Edward?” she asked me a second after I decided what I was going to order.

“Yes, Dr. Cullen said he was okay and drew some blood to run some tests, he has to go back in March instead of June.” I told her, she took out her agenda and wrote the next appointments date down. She nodded and went to read the menu, Edward and Alice returned then, we made small talk while we ate the appetizers, several minutes later we ordered.

We left thirty minutes later, I said goodbye and left the parking. Edward and I talked that night, he read to me on the phone until I yawned and told him I was going to bed, we hung up and I went to sleep.

Esme POV

I woke up early the next morning; I made Edward and Alice’s breakfast and left it in the oven so it didn’t get cold. I put coffee in my double cup thermo and went to the hospital; I needed to know what happened yesterday at the appointment since Edward and Bella were pretty vague.

I arrived and went to the third floor; I walked all the way to Dr. Cullen’s office and knocked. He opened the door, and as yesterday I was a little breathless when I saw him.

“I’m Esme Masen, we met yesterday…I’m Edward Masen mother” I blurted out. He smiled at me, “yes I remember you, what I can help you with?” he asked me very polite.

“ah, well I was wondering if you had time, I want to speak with you privately over a cup of coffee” I said signaling the thermo in my hands, I had also brought some homemade cookies that I did yesterday for dessert.

He looked at me and let me in; I noticed what he was wearing, a pair of nicely ironed black dress pants, a light blue long sleeve button shirt and a black tie. There was a corduroy black jacket on the hanger alongside his doctor coat. I sat in the same seat as yesterday and placed the thermo on the desk.

“well Mrs. Masen, I have to make some rounds later but I have a few minutes to spare before I have to do that” he told me, as he sat in front of me, we looked at each other for a few seconds.

“Do you want some coffee?” I asked to break the silence, “ah sure, I didn’t have any this morning, I’ll really appreciate that” he told me. I opened the thermo and served us both a cup; he put 3 sugar bags in his, while I put one in mine. He took a sip and straightened in his chair, I took out the cookies he looked at them and I saw a gleam on his eyes.

Perhaps Dr. Cullen didn’t have time for breakfast this morning?

 I offered him and he took a few, “so what’s the motive of your visit Mrs. Masen? I’m sure that you didn’t drive all the way here to eat cookies and coffee with me, although these cookies are great, the best I’ve tasted in a while.” He told me, I nodded to his words.

“Well, I want you to know that since you’re going to be my son’s new physician I want to have some clear point with you. Dr. Gerandy has been our doctor since ever, he knows everything about us and we know him well too. What I’m saying is that I came here to know all you have to tell me about yourself Carlisle Cullen” I said, Carlisle looked at me “okay, well then first you can call me Carlisle, can I call you Esme or you prefer Mrs. Masen?” he asked me.

“Esme is okay” I replied and took another sip of coffee. I then noticed a picture that he had on his desk; it was from a woman and a toddler. The woman was astonishly beautiful, she was blonde, white pale, and had light blue eyes. Carlisle’s eyes were like the color of the sky, a bright and piercing shade of blue. The toddler on her arms looked a lot like her but her eyes were like Carlisle’s.

“Who’s that?” I asked curious, he saw were I was pointing “ah that’s my ex wife Lillian and my Rosalie” he said, so he was divorced? Why did I felt so happy all the sudden?

“You’re divorced?” I asked out of the blue, Carlisle looked at me with a pointed look and answered “no, I’m not divorced but widowed. Lillian died on an accident, 15 years ago” he said.

So he was a widow like me…

“Rosalie is your daughter” I stated he nodded, “she’s 23 now, has a master on law enforcement, she’s on one of the best law firms in the world and she’s recently married to Emmett McCarthy. She was a teenager when her mother died, she was devastated…we both were” he told me.

“Yeah, I know the feeling, my husband died on a car accident, the same accident that left Edward blind eight years ago. None of our lives have been the same after that, that’s why I’m so meticulous when it comes to my children, Edward specially; I want the best for him. That’s why I came here today.” I said

“And your point is?” he asked, “I know you’re an experienced doctor, but I don’t want you to plant false hope in my son. If the other specialists at this hospital couldn’t make him see again I don’t think there’s a way that he might recover. He has accepted his fate, I’m just going to ask you this, please don’t promise my son things that you can make come true. I don’t want to see him hurt.” I said I didn’t want him making Edward hope for something and then hurt him. That’s why I didn’t want Bella either; I don’t want my son to be heartbroken. What if Bella found someone better that my son? What if she decided to leave him for someone else?

Carlisle spoke, “I understand your concern Esme, but I can assure you that I’ve done this before, in cases worst than Edward and it has worked. I have to say that Edward has surgery potential, but believe me when I say that I won’t do anything to harm him, I would never give a patient false hope, I’ve never done it in all the years I’ve been working and I don’t plan to start now. Edward is a nice kid, he’s smart, and win a college scholarship being blind is not easy task but he did it, you should be proud” Carlisle told me.

“I am proud of him” I said

Carlisle reassured me some more, and finished his second cup of coffee and last cookie, and then told me that he had to go make his rounds.

“Okay then, thanks” I said, I had one more thing to ask him “Dr. Cullen, do you make house calls?”

He looked at me, “ahh why you ask?” he said. “Just in case we need you” I replied.

“Ahh, sure” he answered back, “goodbye Dr. Cullen, have a nice day” I said to him and left.

I couldn’t let him get to me; I had to guard my heart.

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