The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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Chapter 15

Dr. Carlisle Cullen


We arrived at the hospital, Bella had beaten us there.

“What is she doing here?” mom asked when she saw Bella, “I told her to come with me to the appointment” I replied.

“Why?” mom asked sharp, “is very simple mom, Bella is my girlfriend and I wanted her to be here too since she’s a very important part of my life now.” I told her

Mom huffed and let go of my arm, “be nice” Alice said.

Bella had heard the last of our argument, “I can leave Edward, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable” Bella said, I shushed her “is okay Bella” she took hold of my arm as I led the way on the very familiar hallway, some of the nurses greeted us, I introduced Bella to them.

When they called to the house to confirm the appointment they had told us that Dr. Gerandy had an announcement for us, I guess that’s why mom is in a pissy mood, she didn’t like it when she didn’t knew what was going on.

We took the elevator to the second floor, Bella was now holding my hand, and she was very quiet. The doors opened and we strode out, we walked the short distance to the small lobby and sat, mom signed my name on the list and took the seat at the other couch besides Alice. I was bouncing my leg up and down; I always got a little nervous when I went to these appointments, even though they were all the same. Bella was drawing circles on my palm trying to calm me down, it’s a nice gesture and I enjoy it very much.

We didn’t have to wait long for my name to be called, Dr. Gerandy came out and greeted us, and I introduced Bella,

“Dr. Gerandy this is my girlfriend Bella Swan” I said, they shook hands. Mom and Alice went inside the office, we stayed out a second longer I asked permission for Bella he told me that it was okay.

We entered and I took the last seat, I wanted to give the chair to Bella but she told me that this was my doctor’s appointment and that she was going to be fine standing behind me, I agreed.

“Okay before we proceed with the checkup Edward, I have an announcement… you’re going to be transferred to another specialist…” Dr. Gerandy started; mom didn’t even give him the chance to finish.

Esme’s POV

Why was she here? Why did Edward, told her to come? This wasn’t her business, she might be his “girlfriend” but this is a serious appointment and she was one too many on my book. Didn’t she take the hint? Didn’t she know I despised her?

I just walked away and got in the building, Dr. Gerandy wanted to talk to us before he checked Edward, I was angry that he didn’t told me up hand what was going on, I didn’t like this one bit…

We got to the waiting lobby and I signed Edward’s name, then I sat and we all waited. Bella held Edward’s right hand and drew calming circles on it, I held in a sob, it was supposed to be me the one doing that; I was the one who should be comforting him, not her.

My son was little by little breaking my already shattered heart.

They let us in and Edward introduced Bella, I went in with Alice and took my usual seat, there were just rare times when I didn’t come to Edward’s appointments I had to be really busy to miss out on them.

He entered with Bella and offered her the last seat, she declined on his offer, and she went to stand behind him.

My son reached out for her hand, she clasped them together and Edward relaxed instantly.

Dr. Gerandy started talking,

“Okay before we proceed with the checkup Edward, I have an announcement; you’re going to be transferred to another specialist…” Dr. Gerandy started; I didn’t even give him the chance to finish.

“What?” I interrupted, “you’re not going to be his doctor anymore, why?” I asked with indignation, after all these years and all the money I’ve put on Edwards wellbeing he was leaving him without his treatments, Was he out of his mind?

“Mom please let the doctor talk” Alice said, with exasperation.

“Mrs. Masen, if you let me finish there’s an explanation” he said.

“I’m still going to be Edward’s and Alice’s primary doctor Esme, is just that the hospital hired a new specialist on ophthalmology and I want him to be Edwards specialist, the doctor who will be in charge from now on of his blindness. He came all the way from England, he wanted to relocate and the hospital gave him the job, he’s going to be treating our ten more important cases, Edward is one of them. He will also share his time with the other ophthalmologists and will have regular patients.”

He said, I nodded he continued, “He is one of the best doctors on the field. And as you may know, here at Kendall medical center we only hire the best.” He finished

“okay then, if this means that my son will have an even better treatment then I’m fine with it” I told him, he nodded “okay then let me escort you all to his office, he’s waiting for you” Dr. Gerandy said, we went out to the office and walked a few offices down we stopped in front of a door, it had a sign it read:

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, M.D specialist on general medicine, optometry, ophthalmology, and optical surgery.

Dr. Gerandy said his farewell and left, Alice knocked on the door, a few seconds passed and it was opened, my heart skipped a beat at the sight of the man who opened the door. He was pale, blonde hair styled sleek and combed back. 

Edward’s voice broke me of the slight trance I was in, “hi I’m Edward Masen, one of your new patients” he told him,

“Dr. Cullen” he replied with an accent.  

I remembered that Dr. Gerandy said that he was British.

“Come on in” he left the door open and went to stand by his desk, we all entered and the Edward proceeded to introduce all of us. “My twin sister, Alice” he said, “nice to meet you” Dr. Cullen replied, “my girlfriend Bella” they shook hands, “and my mother Esme” I was introduced last.

Dr. Cullen then went to shake my hand, he smiled warmly he had a perfect smile, we shook hands, he had piercing blue eyes. Something inside of me stirred when our hands touched, I haven’t felt this in a long time, and it was wrong. I was a widow I need to preserve the memory of my husband forever, even if I don’t dress only in black and white anymore…

“Nice to meet you” he told me.

I went to seat beside Edward, Dr. Cullen sat too “Dr. Gerandy already told you that I’m going to be your new doctor, I will be in charge of your checkups and any tests that need to be done. I will be also doing some studies and see if you’re eligible and there’s some way that you can see again trough surgery. You and the other patients as well, I can assure you that you will be in good hands I have almost 25 years of experience.” He explained

See, this is what I didn’t wanted, I don’t want them to give my son false hope that he is going to see again. It’s been too long, the other doctors couldn’t find a way to get Edward his eyes back, and Dr. Cullen said he could? I would need to speak with him privately; maybe I can pass by tomorrow and have a serious talk with him…

“Well, I’m going to do the checkup now, please if you can wait outside” Dr. Cullen said.

For the first time ever I didn’t want to be in Edward’s checkup, I needed to get away from Dr. Cullen, I was feeling things that were wrong in so many levels… I nodded and motioned to Alice to follow me, she kissed Edwards cheek and left first, “Dr. Cullen can Bella stay with me?” Edward asked, “This is the first time she comes with me” Edward said.

He deliberated for a second and then asked, “Do you usually have someone with you on these types of appointments?”

“Ahh yeah, sometimes” Edward replied, “okay then, she can stay, anyone else?” he asked him.

“No, I’ll wait outside, I need some air” I said and closed the door.


Esme closed the door, Dr. Cullen put on his dr. coat and rolled a curtain, behind it was the examination area, and it had a few machines, two chairs, a small work table, and the examination table.

Dr. Cullen washed his hands in the small sink located in a corner of the room, and then sat at the rolling chair, Edward sat at the examination table while I seated on one of the other chairs from the office area.

“Okay Edward so tell me more about you” Dr. Cullen said while he took Edward’s vitals.

“What you want to know?” Edward asked him amused, “well tell me how you cached such a beautiful girl” Dr. Cullen said with a smile.

“Well, that’s a funny story actually” I started “Edward and I collided with each other in college; we didn’t saw each other until a few days.” I said, Edward talked then,

“And then on English literature class, we were using the buddy system, Bella and I were paired together, I realized later that she had been the one I collided with. I have to admit that Bella piqued my interest since that day” Edward confessed, we both blushed.

Dr. Cullen chuckled, Edward was standing on the scale, “okay Edward your actual weight is 155 pounds, and your height is 6’1”

“I actually grew one more inch? Sweet!” Edward exclaimed

Edward is almost 12 inches taller than me, wow! Why was Alice so small then? She is ‘5 inches tall, and I’m 5’5.

We chatted animatedly while Dr. Cullen continued the exam, the last thing he did to Edward was draw some blood to do some tests, Dr. Cullen cleared Edward, not before giving him the date of his next appointment, instead of being in six months it was going to be in three so Edward was coming back on the second week of March.

Dr. Cullen is a very cheerful man, he made us laugh at all, of course he has a serious side, but is not overly so. I enjoyed the appointment; he made me forget that he was a doctor for a while even though I knew he was on and that this was a serious visit for Edward.

We left the office hand in hand, Alice and Esme had been waiting outside, and they saw us and stood up “why don’t we go for some lunch?” Alice suggested, I looked at Esme and waited for her answer.

“Ahh, sure why not” Esme said, I sighed and followed them. In the parking lot I got in my car while they got in the Mercedes they always drove around, James closed the door after Alice entered and got in. I followed them to T.G Fridays, I parked and met them at the door, Edward said he needed to go to the bathroom after our drink and appetizer order was taken; Alice went with him since she had to go too.

It was a bit awkward between me and Esme; I was looking at the menu while I knew she stared at me.

“Was everything okay with Edward?” she asked me a second after I decided what I was going to order.

“Yes, Dr. Cullen said he was okay and drew some blood to run some tests, he has to go back in March instead of June.” I told her, she took out her agenda and wrote the next appointments date down. She nodded and went to read the menu, Edward and Alice returned then, we made small talk while we ate the appetizers, several minutes later we ordered.

We left thirty minutes later, I said goodbye and left the parking. Edward and I talked that night, he read to me on the phone until I yawned and told him I was going to bed, we hung up and I went to sleep.

Esme POV

I woke up early the next morning; I made Edward and Alice’s breakfast and left it in the oven so it didn’t get cold. I put coffee in my double cup thermo and went to the hospital; I needed to know what happened yesterday at the appointment since Edward and Bella were pretty vague.

I arrived and went to the third floor; I walked all the way to Dr. Cullen’s office and knocked. He opened the door, and as yesterday I was a little breathless when I saw him.

“I’m Esme Masen, we met yesterday…I’m Edward Masen mother” I blurted out. He smiled at me, “yes I remember you, what I can help you with?” he asked me very polite.

“ah, well I was wondering if you had time, I want to speak with you privately over a cup of coffee” I said signaling the thermo in my hands, I had also brought some homemade cookies that I did yesterday for dessert.

He looked at me and let me in; I noticed what he was wearing, a pair of nicely ironed black dress pants, a light blue long sleeve button shirt and a black tie. There was a corduroy black jacket on the hanger alongside his doctor coat. I sat in the same seat as yesterday and placed the thermo on the desk.

“well Mrs. Masen, I have to make some rounds later but I have a few minutes to spare before I have to do that” he told me, as he sat in front of me, we looked at each other for a few seconds.

“Do you want some coffee?” I asked to break the silence, “ah sure, I didn’t have any this morning, I’ll really appreciate that” he told me. I opened the thermo and served us both a cup; he put 3 sugar bags in his, while I put one in mine. He took a sip and straightened in his chair, I took out the cookies he looked at them and I saw a gleam on his eyes.

Perhaps Dr. Cullen didn’t have time for breakfast this morning?

 I offered him and he took a few, “so what’s the motive of your visit Mrs. Masen? I’m sure that you didn’t drive all the way here to eat cookies and coffee with me, although these cookies are great, the best I’ve tasted in a while.” He told me, I nodded to his words.

“Well, I want you to know that since you’re going to be my son’s new physician I want to have some clear point with you. Dr. Gerandy has been our doctor since ever, he knows everything about us and we know him well too. What I’m saying is that I came here to know all you have to tell me about yourself Carlisle Cullen” I said, Carlisle looked at me “okay, well then first you can call me Carlisle, can I call you Esme or you prefer Mrs. Masen?” he asked me.

“Esme is okay” I replied and took another sip of coffee. I then noticed a picture that he had on his desk; it was from a woman and a toddler. The woman was astonishly beautiful, she was blonde, white pale, and had light blue eyes. Carlisle’s eyes were like the color of the sky, a bright and piercing shade of blue. The toddler on her arms looked a lot like her but her eyes were like Carlisle’s.

“Who’s that?” I asked curious, he saw were I was pointing “ah that’s my ex wife Lillian and my Rosalie” he said, so he was divorced? Why did I felt so happy all the sudden?

“You’re divorced?” I asked out of the blue, Carlisle looked at me with a pointed look and answered “no, I’m not divorced but widowed. Lillian died on an accident, 15 years ago” he said.

So he was a widow like me…

“Rosalie is your daughter” I stated he nodded, “she’s 23 now, has a master on law enforcement, she’s on one of the best law firms in the world and she’s recently married to Emmett McCarthy. She was a teenager when her mother died, she was devastated…we both were” he told me.

“Yeah, I know the feeling, my husband died on a car accident, the same accident that left Edward blind eight years ago. None of our lives have been the same after that, that’s why I’m so meticulous when it comes to my children, Edward specially; I want the best for him. That’s why I came here today.” I said

“And your point is?” he asked, “I know you’re an experienced doctor, but I don’t want you to plant false hope in my son. If the other specialists at this hospital couldn’t make him see again I don’t think there’s a way that he might recover. He has accepted his fate, I’m just going to ask you this, please don’t promise my son things that you can make come true. I don’t want to see him hurt.” I said I didn’t want him making Edward hope for something and then hurt him. That’s why I didn’t want Bella either; I don’t want my son to be heartbroken. What if Bella found someone better that my son? What if she decided to leave him for someone else?

Carlisle spoke, “I understand your concern Esme, but I can assure you that I’ve done this before, in cases worst than Edward and it has worked. I have to say that Edward has surgery potential, but believe me when I say that I won’t do anything to harm him, I would never give a patient false hope, I’ve never done it in all the years I’ve been working and I don’t plan to start now. Edward is a nice kid, he’s smart, and win a college scholarship being blind is not easy task but he did it, you should be proud” Carlisle told me.

“I am proud of him” I said

Carlisle reassured me some more, and finished his second cup of coffee and last cookie, and then told me that he had to go make his rounds.

“Okay then, thanks” I said, I had one more thing to ask him “Dr. Cullen, do you make house calls?”

He looked at me, “ahh why you ask?” he said. “Just in case we need you” I replied.

“Ahh, sure” he answered back, “goodbye Dr. Cullen, have a nice day” I said to him and left.

I couldn’t let him get to me; I had to guard my heart.

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its good

Great insight into Esme's thoughts and feelings! I hope she can change her attitude!

Omq im a fan of this story ! <3 iLove it(:

Great updates!  I can't wait to read your next one!

Here is the Valentine's day chapter! Happy Valentine's day to all of you <3


Chapter 16

Valentine’s Day


January came to an end, and February made its entrance. February, the month of love and friendship, Bella was sitting beside me reading Blue Moon by: Alyson Noel the sequel to Evermore. Our 2nd month anniversary was the week prior; we had a double date with Alice and Jasper.

College has been a bit busy on these last few weeks, since classes get harder. I know Alice’s been secluded in her room for long periods of time making designs or doing other projects, and assignments. Bella has been busy too, since she was in education she had to be the best on her classes while she worked two shifts at the library. She did this because she had to pay for half of the money from her car.

 Bella and jasper have been teaching Alice to drive, Alice wanted to learn. Of course we did this behind my mother’s back, she wanted to ask James to teach her but she didn’t want mom to find out.

Bella told me that she was learning pretty quickly, and that she had already taken the theoretic drivers test and had passed it. My sister was very smart!

We have seen Dr. Cullen outside of the hospital a couple of times, he lives in one of the private communities nearby. He even once invited Bella and me for tea one afternoon. It was great, he told us more about him, I was starting to like him, and he was a humble man dedicated to his job.

Every time we had an encounter with Dr. Cullen, or Carlisle like he asked us to call him, when mom was present, she was uneven, Alice told me that mom got pale and blushed a lot, I didn’t believe her one bit.

Alice told me that maybe mom liked Carlisle, we all laughed when she told us this, and we were at campus drinking some smoothies when she had said the comment.

Bella spited her mixed fruit smoothie on the table; it had been a hilarious afternoon.

Sunday February 13th

We were having a casual Valentine’s Day homecoming dance at college today, from eight to midnight. I had asked Bella on Wednesday if she wanted to go and she had said yes, so I bought our tickets.

Yesterday I went to buy Bella’s gift, it was our first valentine’s day and I wanted it to be special, I ordered the annual flower arrangements for mom and Alice, and I made an extra special one for Bella, that she was supposed to get delivered at the library at college first thing in the morning on valentines day, I also ordered a small flower vase for Renée, it was a mix of pink, white, and red roses it was going to be delivered to her job, and it was going to have a card that read,

“To the mother of the girl who captured my heart, thanks for such a wonderful gift to this world. Happy Valentine’s Day, from your son in law, Edward Anthony Masen.”  I paid to get it delivered alongside Bella’s; I know she was going to flip.

We also bought stuff for our cousins like every year and got them to the post office to ship them to Daytona.

while I was with Alice at the mall buying chocolates at Godiva we passed by the Build a bear workshop store, “aww look how cute the valentine’s day teddy bears are” she told me, I laughed I was used to this expression. It used to bother me in the beginning but now I just laugh every time someone uses it while I’m near.

“How cute Alice?” I asked, she tsked at me and answered “very cute Edward…OMG! You should get one for Bella that would be so romantic…” Alice told me exited, I raised an eyebrow.

I was blind but I knew this store was for kids, and Alice knows that because, she has a build a bear too, a bunny named Marylou, and she usually had it dressed as a ballerina, dad had given it to her as a present. I don’t actually know if she still has it or not though.

“Oh come on Edward! These bears are waaaayyy cooler than the ones they sell at retail and flower shops!” she argued, I thought about it…

Maybe Bella thought like Alice and would think that it was cute? Bella is very sweet; maybe I should get her one…

“Okay Alice you win, let’s get Bella a bear” I said.

She led me inside the store and we followed the bear selection line, then Alice handed me some unstuffed bears to feel so I could choose one, I picked out a soft furry one, it felt like an old fashioned teddy bear and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Then we made the line for the stuffing, while we waited Alice remembered that you could put sound on the bear, on a specific part with a push me kind of button, she told me that I could record my own message, I nodded to the idea and recorded three short messages so if she pressed the button three times she would hear a different message on each push.

We went to the stuffing line again and the attendant asked me how I wanted the bear, I told her to make it huggable but a little firm so Bella could place it wherever she wanted and it wouldn’t fall. Alice then helped me give the bear a bath, it was just a brush with a vacuum to get the dust out of the fur, and it was fun.

Then Alice told me we needed to choose an outfit, I wanted one for when I gave Bella the bear, and Alice insisted on getting at least another one so Bella could change it once in a while, I agreed. Alice picked out the shoes, converse of course; the bear was going to look like me.

She saw a happy Valentine’s Day sash and went nuts, she said it was a must have…whatever that meant; it was a stuffed animal for god’s sake! I told her to get it anyway, she also saw a flower bouquet you could put in the bears hand, I took that too, and finally a pair of sunglasses so he could truly look like me. They didn’t have ray bans so we picked out aviators Alice said they were sexier…

Then we had to register the bear, Alice did that for me, we named him Ed, then we went to the checkout line and paid for everything, a hundred dollar total for the bear and accessories, it was totally worth it.

I wasn’t cheap when it was for Bella. I wanted to give her everything and more, she was my all so she deserved everything that I gave her.

Alice and I finished getting ready for the party, James was going to take us, and then we were carpooling with Bella at midnight. We rode in silence all the way to college, the party was going to be at the convention center which could held the student body almost completely, that’s where they made the graduation ceremonies every year.

James told us goodnight and left, we waited for Bella and jasper outside, since this was going to be a major attendance party. We just had to wait a couple minutes, “hi guys” Bella said, “love” I said. We kissed, and then Bella took my hand and we walked to the entrance, I handed the attendant our tickets and they gave us a bracelet. We then went inside and the music was blaring through the speakers, “want to dance?” I asked Bella.

“Sure, come on!” she tugged on my arm; we went to dance for a while.

“I love you” Bella said, “I love you too” I replied as I caressed her lips and then I kissed her.

“Edward” Bella said “yes love” I replied, we were slowly twirling to a slow song, Bella was very close to me, her perfume filling me completely.

“I want this to last Edward, I know is too soon for me to say this but I don’t care. I never felt something like this before for anyone, my vision of life changed since I met you my life was good but now is perfect” Bella said, my heart might had skipped a beat at her words.

Bella truly loved me; she wanted to be with me for the rest of our lives. I couldn’t believe it. I smiled at her and nodded, “yes Bella, I might still not see but my life hasn’t been the same after I met you either. You make me feel things I’ve never thought I would feel, you’re my everything too, my first and only love” I said.

“First and only” Bella repeated sweetly.

We went to our table after that song, Bella was hungry so she went to look for something to eat, and Alice and jasper joined us shortly after that. We ate and conversed for a while, and then the DJ announced that it was karaoke time, Alice squealed beside me exited.

“Omg, guys I want to sing!” she said, I raised

“Alice, you don’t sing” I said, “ah Edward come on! You don’t have to be good, its karaoke.” Alice argued, “Bella will you sing too?” Alice asked.

“Ah sure” Bella replied to my surprise “you’re the best Bella” Alice said even more exited.

They left the table to sign their names on the list for the karaoke. They returned a few minutes later and sat, then the karaoke procession started, what I have to say is that there was a variety of people, great, good, bad, and worst.

Then it was Alice’s turn, before she sang she said a few words, “I know this is valentine’s day eve, and were supposed to sing romantic songs, well I beg to differ, yes I am in love with my boyfriend, but I’m missing the love of the most important person that should love you, and it’s to that person that I dedicate this song: The older I get, by Skillet” Alice said and then the music started.

Alice sang her heart out, the song is very emotional, and she had dedicated the song to mom even though she didn’t say it. She didn’t have to, after the second line we all knew it was for her and from what she said at the beginning.

I was very mistaken, my sister could sing. She ended the song with grace and everyone clapped at her, she came to the table.

“Alice that was very good” I told her, she hugged me, her cheeks were wet, I guessed that she was crying through the song but her voice didn’t quiver at all, Bella hugged her too then it was her turn.

She went to the stage and took the microphone, “I too have something to say, happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. I want to dedicate this song to my boyfriend Edward Masen; I love you, now and forever. This is Make you mine, by Vanessa Hudgens” she said and then started singing.

The song had a flow and it had a beat that you could dance to, what shocked me was Bella’s melodic voice… I’ve never heard her sing before, just when she sang along to her iPod. I listened in silence to every line she sang, I was enjoying the song very much, the message she was sending was a confirmation of her earlier words. She finished the song, and the crowd went even wilder, Bella’s voice was amazing, I was going to make her sing for me more regularly.

I was dazzled yet again by my girlfriend; will she ever cease to amaze me? I hoped not.

The rest of the party when smoothly, Bella and I danced some more, she finally got tired and told me that she wanted to take a walk outside on campus, I agreed. We told Alice and jasper were we were going to be and left, Bella and I walked hand in hand in comfortable silence for a few minutes, the air of the night was fresh setting the perfect atmosphere for us.

“I really do love you, Edward” Bella said, I smiled “me too Bella, with all my heart. My heart is not mine anymore, now it belongs to you” I told her.

Bella hugged me tightly and sighed, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her forehead, she snuggled closer to me and I buried my face on her hair, she smelled like lilies and strawberries.

We stayed like that for a few minutes; we didn’t need to rush anything right now. Every time I was with Bella it felt as if time stopped and it was only she and I, like the song she sang said the world revolved around us, mom still didn’t like Bella and it pissed me off. Bella was proving to be nice and very understanding but mom won’t budge, I feared that this would separate us but I didn’t dwell on it, I didn’t want my fears to obscure my time with Bella.

Everyday felt like a treasure, I guard each moment in my mind and heart, she was my life, Bella is my all; I don’t think I can live without her and I already lived blind so I knew the feeling.

We went to seat at a bench nearby, I wanted to kiss Bella so bad I took her hands in mine and leaned in I brushed my lips to her softly. I let go of her hands and hugged her to me, she melted in my arms her hands tugged at the hair at my neck she always did this and I find it very soothing. The kissed then tuned passionate and heated, Bella was closer to be her scent everywhere since her hair was covering us, I caressed her silky locks as I gave everything I had to the kiss we broke apart breathless.

“I love you” Bella whispered.

“Same here” I replied.

We stayed there a few more minutes than Bella checked her watch and said that it was almost midnight, so we decided to go back and get Alice and jasper to head back home.

February 14th-Valentine’s Day:

Last night had been great, but today was Valentine’s Day, I was getting ready to go downstairs for breakfast. The flower arrangements I ordered for mom and Alice should be here soon, they open at 6am on special occasions like today.

Mom was the one driving us this morning because James had the day off his wife Victoria was pregnant; James had called Alice last night and told her that Victoria was in labor. Alice responded him with congratulations and gave him the next month off, she didn’t even asked mom but she didn’t care what she had to say, we had jasper and Bella now. Which meant that we didn’t needed James that much anymore and mom had her own car, James was for my services. He has been working with us since I had the accident and by then he and Victoria were just dating, they were both 24 years old.

I went downstairs dressed in my Alice approved Valentine’s Day outfit; she dressed me well because we were having a double date after college hours. The smell of caramelized strawberries filled my nose when I arrived to the kitchen; mom was there cooking breakfast humming under her breath.

“Good morning mom, happy valentine’s day” I greeted

“Oh Edward! You scared me son, good morning and happy hearts day to you too” she replied.

I sat at my stool Alice came down then, “morning mother, morning brother” Alice said happily, she kissed my cheek before she sat beside me.

Mom served breakfast and we started eating, we were halfway through our food when the doorbell rang, “who could I be this early?” mom asked as she went to open the door.

“Delivery for Esme and Alice Masen?”

“I’m Esme” mom said, “Alice come here” mom told her. Alice went and they signed their receipts.

“Thank you Edward” Alice said

“You’re amazing son, this is beautiful” mom said kissing my cheek.

Alice went to put the vase on her room and then came back to finish breakfast, after that I went to my rook quickly to pick up Bella’s gift and gave mom and Alice their chocolates.


Monday again, I was a little tired and it wasn’t because of last night’s party.  I was tired because of all the work I had to do. I woke up and got ready for today, Valentine’s Day. Edward and I had a double date after college with Alice and jasper, I was excited. I parked and went straight to the library, it wasn’t full, just a few regular students I went to the desk and got my badge on and sighed my assistance sheet.

A while after my shift started a delivery man entered the library, Mrs. Cope came out of her office, and “I have a delivery for Miss Bella Swan” he said to us.

“I’m Bella” I told him, “sign here” he said giving me the clipboard. I signed my name and looked at the beautiful flower arrangement that he placed at the desk in front of me. It had a variety of flowers, the combination was exquisite.

“Who is it from?” Mrs. Cope asked

“Edward” I replied, she smiled warmly.

On the base tied with the ribbon was a card, I took it out and read it.

Bella, my love

Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you like the flowers. That is not the only gift I have for you, the rest I’ll give it to you later.

I love you Bella, you’re my heart, my life, my all. I can’t bear to live without you… I know you feel the same way, you make me so happy. I hope to make you happy forever.

Take care of my heart; I’ve left it with you.

Yours truly, Edward

“That boy is in head over heels for you Bella” Mrs. Cope said, with a smile, I smiled back. She pat my shoulder and went back to her office.

I took the vase and moved it to my work table; I left it there and went back to work…

The day was finally over; I was waiting for Edward and Alice to head to the restaurant. I was waiting with jasper, he had Alice’s gift on his pocket and her bouquet of flowers was on my trunk, we didn’t have to wait much longer.

As soon as Edward was in front of me, I pulled him to me and kissed him, I guessed Alice and jasper were doing the same thing. We broke apart and got in my car, I drove to the Kendall on the Border, and asked for our table it was located on a secluded part of the restaurant. Other couples were seated there; I guess that the whole restaurant has been reserved. We sat and the waiter came with a bowl of nachos and salsa courtesy of the house.

We ordered our drinks and appetizers, since we were starved, we asked if they could bring them quickly and the waiter said that it was okay. A short few minutes later they arrived with our drinks and appetizers, everyone got a plate and we started eating.

“So how was your day love?” Edward asked me, “it was great, but you want to know what made my day really early?” I told him.

He blushed but asked “what?”

“A beautiful flower bouquet a guy named Edward got me” I told him. He blushed more and smiled, “that Edward must be very lucky, to have such a wonderful girl to send flowers to” he replied with a teasing grin. I kissed the corner of his mouth and took a sip from my strawberry frappe; we all ordered the same drink and a glass of water.

Our food was delivered and we told the waiter our dessert order. We ate in comfortable silence for a few minutes; I was amazed I had forgotten how good the food here was. Alice said she had to go to the bathroom and left, jasper took the opportunity and went to get his gifs, Edward asked him to bring mine, I had Edwards on my purse.

When Alice returned jasper was already there, he hid the gifts on a corner and we finished our meal. While we waited for desert I decided to give Edward his gift.

“Well, while we wait for dessert, why don’t we give each other our presents?” I suggested they all nodded, I went first.

I took the box out of my purse and took Edward’s hand, “I love you Edward, happy valentine’s day” I said “it has a ribbon” I told him, he rummaged with the box for a few seconds but managed to untie the bow, he opened it and touched it.

 “is a chain?” he asked, “is a man chain necklace” I said as I took it out of the box and placed it on his palm, with his other hand he traced his finger across the charm, it was a sterling 925 silver cross with tribal’s on in, hung from a black leather chain, it was very in and manly, I loved it.

“Can you put it on?” Edward asked me, I took it out of the box, “no Edward, it doesn’t have a clasp, you can put it on yourself, just throw the chain around your neck like putting on a shirt.” I instructed, he smiled at me after he got it on and kissed me.

“Very thoughtful” he said.

“Okay it’s my turn” Edward said, he took the oversized bag jasper brought him from my car.

“Well Bella, I was going to just get you the flowers and a box of chocolates but Alice saw this and thought it was cute, so I went through all the process and got it. It’s a bear from build a bear workshop” Edward said, I grabbed the bag and opened it.

“Oh, Edward its is indeed cute!” I said taking the bear out, “he even has glasses like you!” I pointed out. I kissed Edward, “his name id Ed, and on the bag there’s another set of clothes and the birth certificate, I also got you a card that you give the cashier every time you but at the store and they give you points or credit.” Edward explained.

I was amazed; I had the cutest, sweetest boyfriend in the world. The box of chocolate he said was there too.

Alice and jasper were next, jasper gave her the flowers, “I love you pixie, happy love day” jasper told her, and Alice smiled.

“They’re beautiful jasper, thanks” Alice replied.

“Oh, I almost forgot, here is a chocolate for you too jasper” Edward interrupted; it was one of those Godiva hearts, jasper’s one said hug.

“thanks Edward” jasper said, jasper gave me a M&M heart container and a Cd he knew I wanted, he had always gave me that M&M package on each valentine’s day since we were in school. To Edward he gave a leather bracelet that coincidently matched the chain I gave him.

Jasper took the lead then and gave his gift to Alice, “pixie, you know that I love you with all my heart, and that no matter what happens I’ll always be here with you. and this ring is going to be my promise to you” he said and gave her the box, Alice let a few happy tears fall and opened the box, I had already seen the ring, it was a heart covered in Swarovski.

“Jasper gave Alice a promise ring” I whispered to Edward, he ginned widely.

“Is precious jasper” Alice said putting it on and kissing jasper quickly. She then took a similar box out of her purse and looked at him, “I love you so much jasper, what I feel is so strong I can’t word it out. I want forever with you, no matter what I know that my place is at your side, this ring is my promise to you” she said, jasper opened the box and took the ring out, it was silver and had some blue tribal’s on it too. He slipped it on and they kissed.

A few minutes later our desserts were brought and we dug into them. They were delicious, we told the waiter to get the check and gathered our stuff, Edward and I went to the bathroom and then went back to the table, the receipt was brought and we went to the cashier, jasper and Edward insisted on paying the bill and left a good tip to the waiter. We made our wait out of the restaurant and got in my car; I took Alice and Edward home and then left jasper at his doorstep.

I parked in the garage and went to my room, Renée and mom were out, I changed to my pajamas and took lion out of his bag, I removed the sunglasses, sash, and flowers he had and hugged him to me, he smelled like Edward I hugged him to me and went to bed.

It was another night that I dreamt of Edward.


Don’t forget to visit the blog for pictures of the outfits, Ed the bear, and to listen to the songs.

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