The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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love it!  great update!  please post more again soon!


I love it might want to touch up on some parts but overall it's great 

new reader! this story is great!!! love the idea!!!! update soon!!!! keep me posted! -love, smru =)

I am so sorry it has been so long. This was nice, being able to read something other then what I am writing. I think its great the way you have esme not liking bella but she is having feelings for carlisle. I hope this softens her up torwards bella now. I love what you are doing. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

HI! This chapter was deleted because of a mistake i didn't fix before posting, its been fixed now. If you read it before, its okay! Enjoy, Sakeena Hope Braggs its good you're back, welcome to the story Carla Marshall! <3

Chapter 17

The dinner & The Fundraiser party


Mom had invited Carlisle to dinner tonight; Alice and I were surprised when she told us, and she had done this before with dr. Gerandy but Alice said that it was different with Carlisle because she thought there was something there…

Alice really wanted the old mom back, believe me I did too, the old mom would have accepted Bella and be friends with her, and also old mom wouldn't be as overprotective as she is now. I do get why she's like this, in one night she lost her husband and her only son was left blind but I really miss the old her, the loving, caring, joyful woman that smiled all the time; I hoped that Alice is right and that if she's feeling something for Carlisle that she grabs it and feel again.

I invited Bella but she couldn't attend, she was accompanying Renée to a work dinner, she actually invited me to the formal party they were having next month. The company her mom works on does a fundraiser for charities around the state and even sometimes they gave the money to the less fortunate countries.

I went downstairs and to the room where I had my piano, I sat on the bench and did some warm up and started playing, I actually didn't know what was I playing exactly, my mind suddenly wandered to the night Bella stayed in my arms, the night that she had been assaulted by peter.

I thought on how I had felt that night, and of Bella, how soft she was, how warm, I also placed some of her character in the composition, and all my feelings were deposited there too. The melody was very soft almost like a lullaby, I turned on the computer that my piano had connected to it and started playing again, the rest of the piece flowed naturally, and I actually finished it.

I took out the pages from the printer and went to placed them on my desk; I went back then downstairs and to the living room to wait for Carlisle to be here. The kitchen smelled delicious, Alice then came down a few minutes later.

"Was that you playing?" she asked me, "yes, why?" I asked her.

"Nothing is just that it's a beautiful piece" Alice replied I smiled

For Bella…Bella's lullaby

"Yeah it came to me all the sudden and I had to keep going, I actually finished the piece" I told her. "So who's it for?" she asked.

"Bella" I smiled "nice, I'm sure she'll love it" Alice told me.

Mom then came down from her room also, and went to check on the food, a few minutes later Laurent was calling on the intercom.

Alice told him to let Carlisle in, we waited a couple of minutes after that the doorbell rang, and Alice opened the door.

"Hello Carlisle, good evening welcome to our home" Alice greeted.


I didn't notice that behind Carlisle there were two other people, "hi" I said to them.

Carlisle greeted Edward, mom came from the kitchen then, "hi, welcome" she said

The woman next to Carlisle nudged him, he looked at her "oh right, I'm sorry" he told her.

"This is my daughter Rosalie and her husband Emmett McCarthy" he introduced them, Rosalie and Emmett smiled at us, "nice to meet you" they both said with their accent.

"Rose, Emmett these are Edward, Alice, and Esme Masen" he introduced us.

We all greeted them, "thanks for the invitation Esme, you have a lovely house" Carlisle said.

We led them to the dining room; mom went to bring the food. I had placed the table and mom had placed the bread, water, and iced tea, everyone took a seat and we talked a little while mom came with the first course.

Everyone was a little quiet, so I broke the ice "so Rosalie, how are you liking Florida so far?" I asked Carlisle's daughter.

She smiled at me, "is very warm I like it, it reminds me a little of the Caribbean, Emmett and I went to Puerto Rico for on our honeymoon" she replied, "yeah there are a lot of Puerto Rican's here too" I told her, I had two Puerto Rican classmates one a boy and a girl, they were very cool.

"This is amazing Mrs. Mason" Emmett said after he swallowed mom smiled at him, "you're welcome" mom replied.

"Have you ever been to England before?" Rosalie asked mom was the one who answered.

"Ah yeah, and then and I went there for two weeks on our honeymoon, and then we went again on vacation." She responded

Yeah I remembered the second time of their trip, Edward and I were six it was their anniversary, and they wanted to go alone that year because two years prior we had gone with them to Disney.

We stayed with Aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazar for a month.

"Dad told me that you are his patient" Rosalie asked me, mom tensed and I think Edward too, I giggled and answered.

"No I'm not, my brother is."

She blushed, "oh, sorry" she said.

Edward smiled at her, "no problem. Yeah I'm one of Carlisle's new patients, and let me tell you, he's a pretty good doctor" Edward told her, we all chuckled, and Carlisle blushed a little.

Emmett was already on his second plate of food, I guessed he enjoyed mom's recipe, she had cooked some English meal, was she trying to impress Carlisle with her cooking?

"So Emmett, I take that you're enjoying the meal?" mom asked. He had his mouth full of food, he answered after he swallowed.

"Yeah, this is pretty good" he said

"Rosalie, you're a lawyer, in what area?" I asked Carlisle had told us very little about her.

"Family, you know um, child support, emancipations, will, inheritances, child custodies, ect..." she said beaming.

"What do you do, you're in college?" she asked me.

Mom went to the kitchen to bring dessert, "fashion design and merchandising. I want to have my own boutique and have a fashion line" I replied proud. She looked surprised, "really? That's amazing. Let me see some of your work" she said exited.

"Well I don't have a portfolio yet but I will show you some of the assignments I've done for school" I replied, she nodded agreeing.

"And what do you major on Edward?" she asked him

"Right now music, but I'm also interested in taking some education classes as a minor you know, to be a music teacher" he replied with a blush.

Music teacher, why haven't he told me anything? Well maybe he was still undecided…that's a great idea.

"awesome, I find it amazing that you being blind take so much importance in your future and college career, teenagers these days don't care about that" Rosalie said.

Edward looked a little tense, I'm sure it was because of the blind comment. I mean is obvious that she knows the signs; her father is an optometrist for Christ sake, Edward doesn't have to be ashamed that she noticed. I bet Carlisle didn't tell them anything.

“You know what I am?" Edward asked her.

Rosalie panicked for a second and looked sorry, "ah yeah" she said to him.

"my dad is an optometrist, I've seen a lot of people like you through my life time, and I used to work with one, old secretary Jessica Diggory, she was blind since birth… until she met dad and he operated her, now three years later she's married and expecting her first baby" Rosalie said.

Edward smiled a little, I guess he thought about the possibility of seeing again, and his future with Bella.

"You work with cars Emmett?" I asked changing the subject, Emmett nodded.

"Yeah I have a car repair company, Called McCarthy & McCarthy auto repair, I have two shops in London, but since we moved here I might branch out to have one here too. Rosalie is good with cars too, but for her it's more like a hobby since she works a lot and all that, but she had fixed my cars more times that I can count, that's who we met actually." He said

Mom then came in with dessert, she served it and the conversation continued.

Emmett told us about him and Rosalie's first meeting and then, she pitched in with the details he left out. Emmett cracked a famous (according to him) British joke and told us that he had a secret crush on Hermione from harry potter because she reminded him of Rosalie…

And she smacked him in the head because of that…

"What about you Alice? Do you have a boyfriend?"

I looked at mom before answering, she gave a deep sigh, and she knew that sooner or later Jasper and Bella were going to be brought up in the conversation.

"Yes I do, his name is Jasper. We have been going out for the last four months." I replied caressing the charm bracelet he gave me.

"We love to hang out with Edward and Bella" I added giving Edward the chance to talk about her.

"Who's Bella?" Emmett asked.

"Edward's girlfriend" Carlisle surprisingly said.

Rosalie smiled, “you have a girl…nice" she told him, Edward blushed furiously.

"Yeah, she's pretty amazing, she accepts me for whom I am and treats me as her equal, and noting changed when I told her I was blind, she's just a little bit more caring and carful but she's a natural care giver. She had cared for her mother after she and her dad divorced and then spent four years with her dad in Forks, Washington, she came back here for college" Edward said, he is very proud of Bella.

"They're both majoring in education" I said,

"Jasper and Bella I mean" I said since they looked at me confused.

"nice" was Rosalie's answer, Edward pulled out his wallet (why in the hell would he have his wallet now…) anyway, he pulled out his wallet and showed Rosalie a picture of Bella, I had taken that picture of them at school, and then made 5 copies, one for me, two for both of them and the other one Bella wanted to send it to Charlie (I don't know why)

After that dinner was just filled with mindless chatter, mom served coffee for us and hot chocolate for Edward in the living room.

About an hour later Carlisle and them left, saying that he had to work early and Rosalie had to start looking for an office space, she wanted to go on her own she had made enough money in England to start her own firm Cullen McCarthy & associates. She was going to announce in colleges that she was going to give internships to Law students that specified their career on family laws, and she was going to the family support office to give her name so they could give her custody and child support cases to work with.

Emmett was also going to look for a place to start his branching of his shop, he gave us a card and told us to call him if we ever needed anything, the same thing did Rosalie and she also reminded me that I had to show her my work. I agreed to meet with her later in the week to do that.

I helped mom clean up, Edward went to get ready for bed, after that I went to get ready for bed myself, but before actually going to sleep I called jasper. We talked for an hour, until I yawned, we said our goodbyes and he hanged up, I cuddled under the sheets and let sleep take me completely.



The Party

(One month later)


Alice had helped me get a dress for the formal wear party my mom's company was having tonight, it wasn't a black tie event, just formal wear like prom, Alice and I went to the store Group USA and found my dress, it is very simple and I loved it.

I was going to this party with Edward; I had invited him because these parties I used to find very boring when I had gone before. And because I wanted to go out with him, you know ask him out for a change since he was the one who asked me all the time. Mom had an invitation for four, believe me I was torn between Alice and Edward…I decided on Edward but didn't tell Alice that I considered her also…

I had finished showering and was rubbing some Victoria secret shimmer perfume lotion in the bathroom, then I applied some curling cream to my hair and started curling it with the iron, when I was done I sprayed on a little hairspray so the curls lasted and applied my makeup. After finishing applying my lip-gloss I went to get dressed, after the dress was on, I went to get my jewelry done, and just when I was going to insert the flower pin on the side of my hair mom knocked on the door.

"Bella sweetie, you ready?" she asked, "coming mom" I replied.

I inserted it quickly and got my clutch; I grabbed my powder, camera, cell phone, lip-gloss, and coat and went out. We were going to use Phil's car for the occasion, we drove away to Edwards's house, I sent him a message and he replied saying that he was ready and waiting. Not long after that Phil arrived in Edward's drive way, I got out of the car and knocked on the door, to my fortune Esme opened.

"Good evening Mrs. Mason, I'm here to pick up Edward" I said while she just looked at me all the way from my feet to my face, she looked appalled.

Did I look that good that she was speechless or, she was just trying to intimidate me? I thought.

"I'll go get Edward, you can wait in the living room" she said

Wait what? Did Esme Mason just tell me to actually go inside? She must be sick…

I did as told and went to the living room, I smiled when I entered, I recognized some of Edward's stuff in the couch and coffee table, a lot of papers, music sheets, CD’s and books were scattered in both surfaces. Then a picture caught my eyes, it was a portrait on the long table by the window, there were four people in it, Esme who was smiling brightly.

her eyes looked warmer…more loving, I guess that losing her husband turned her cold, but that's not an excuse for her behavior anyway; she was holding a toddler Edward wearing a Mickey mouse cap the background of the picture looked like Disney world, to which I had only gone once in my life when I was eight Charlie had taken me one summer the same year mom met phil.

Edward was smiling to the camera with a toothy grin, and that's when I saw his eyes his beautiful green eyes, they were alive, full of life Edward is truly beautiful. A man was holding a toddler Alice wearing a Minnie's ears headband I still owned mine… she looked so small compared to the man that held her, and she was also smiling her blue eyes bright and happy.

I concentrated on Edward's dad then, I knew his name was Anthony, Edward's middle name; he looked just like him Anthony was smiling at the camera with a white brilliant smile, his bright green eyes sparkling.

"Bella" Edward said.

I turned around and blushed, he was gorgeous black simple suit, white shirt, black perfectly ironed tie, and perfectly polished shoes, he had his sunglasses on and his walking cane, I went to him and kissed the corner of his mouth lightly, then linked my arm with his. And said to Esme, "I'll take care of him Esme, you can trust me, he will be home by one" she nodded and kissed Edwards cheek.

"Have a good night" she said after Edward and I was out on the porch and then closed the door.

"Well that was a first" Edward commented

Maybe she's remembering her manners…I thought

"Totally agree" I said to him as I helped him get in the car. We drove away, 30 minutes later we arrived at the party, there was a line of people at the venue, it was in a hotel but the ballroom they rented had an outdoor entrance that's firm where everyone was entering and there was a bit of a line. I took Edwards hand and followed mom and Phil. The only problem we were going to have were the drinks, they served alcohol and we were still minors for that…I'll figure something out later.

We found our table and sat, mom went to mingle for a little while, Edward told me that he was thirsty; I talked with one of the waiters and asked if they had anything nonalcoholic, they did so I asked for a drink for me and Edward. While we waited for the drinks Edward told me about his day, he said that he had spent it studying and that's why he had left all that mess in the living room. I told him about the picture of his father, and he smiled remembering the trip to Disney, he said that it was the first and only time they had gone…

Maybe he and I can go together next summer…with Alice and Jasper?

I had met Rosalie, Dr. C...I mean Carlisle's daughter and her husband Emmett, she Alice and I became friends even though our age difference, we had gone to the movies and shopping together as well as a couple of lunches and ice cream cones. Rosalie was slightly strict, but fun, believe me she has a temper she needs it for the courts, she told us that she has won a lot of her cases and throw a few men in jail, while she had made others pay their child support debts and had also increased the money on others. She still worked with her English clients by Skype and email, she kept working for the other firm until she could finally make her won, she was way ahead on that and had a few people that wanted to meet with her to unite to the firm.

Rosalie is every woman's envy, she's tall, lean, blonde, great legs and breast, she has a very good figure and blue piercing eyes, I was intimidated by her beauty in the beginning but know that I know who cool she I see past her beauty and enjoy her as a person. She's very attentive with Edward, she knew he was blind from the beginning, and told me why, no one knew this but Carlisle had been born blind and then when he was eighteen he got surgery and saw again, he decided then to finish school and go to medical school to become what he is today, he worked hard for what he wanted, and then almost lost it all when Lillian Rosalie's mother died.

Rosalie told me that she had contacts on because she started having trouble with her eyesight when she was 18 she woke up one day and saw everything blurry, then another day she was walking home from school and almost got hit by a car because she lost her vision for a moment she has been wearing glasses and contacts ever since, she jokes on it but fears that when she gets older she might be blind.

Our drinks arrived and Edward downed his quickly, I did the same and then he asked me to dance, I led him to the dance floor, greeting some people was we went, I present Edward to them and then he snaked his arms around my waist and we slowly danced to the music, at some point Edward leaned in and gave me the first kiss of the night.

"Happy anniversary" he said with a smile, "I love you" I told him.

"As I love you my Bella" he replied and kissed me again.

We danced another song and then they announced that dinner was going to be served, I walked back to the table and sat Edward again by my side, mom and Phil reached us and sat across from us, the table had four more chairs and their occupants joined us too, they turned out to be jasper's parents and Jane's my coworker's sister and her husband. Maria and Michael said that jasper didn't want to attend because he had to study.

Idiot! Alice could have come also! I thought, I think Edward thought the same thing because he smirked a little; he was going to tell Alice…

Poor jasper, pixie wrath at your service…

For dinner was had to order from a three meals and two desserts menu, I ordered the steak and so did Edward, I've come to this hotel before and I know the steakhouse is great, I also ordered my dessert and Edwards he ate the same thing as me today.

Dinner was a quiet affair, we chatted with everyone but I mostly enjoyed Edward's company. After dessert he and I went to the bathroom, I freshen up my makeup and waited for him to be done. I waited for a few more minutes and he still hasn't come out yet, I knocked on the door.

"Edward, love, you okay?" I asked panic evident in my voice; Esme is going to eat me alive if something happened to him.

"I fell, and can't get up" he said "crap, okay I'll get someone to open the door, don't move at all babe I'll be right back" I told him. He said okay and I left and went to the front desk, they sent someone with me that had the key of the bathroom (they were individual) he unlocked the door and entered, I went behind him and effectively, Edward was there, on the floor too far from the counter where he could have supported himself and stood up, I helped him up and thanked the hotel employee.

Edward was stiff and didn't answer me when I talked to him.

"Do you want to go back inside?" I asked him, he didn't say anything. Instead he searched in his pockets and took out his cell phone, I stopped him.

"What are you doing?" I asked, he sighed exasperated, "I want to go home" he said.

"Why?" I stupidly asked him.

"Why?" he snapped his face red and nostrils flaring.

"Because I just fell on the floor of that bathroom Bella, you had to lift me up! I can't even go to the bathroom by myself without falling like the invalid that I am!" he said angrily. I let go of him and took a step back.

I took his face in my hands; he resisted me, "no Edward listen!" I said, "You're not an invalid okay! You had an accident, accidents happen to everyone. Me for example, imp clumsy I fall all the time. It was just an accident Edward, I helped you up because is my duty to take care of you, and I do that because I love you. Not because I feel obligated, I care for you Edward." I said, fighting the tears, I let go of him and he sighed.

"I want to sit down, my leg hurts" he told me, I took his hand and led him to the nearest garden bench; we sat and didn't say anything for a few minutes.

"Please don't cry" he told me, he wasn't angry anymore.

"I'm sorry Edward" I said.

"No Bella, I'm the one who's sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. Is just that I was mad, I'm sorry" he said.

"Is been a while since I've fallen and I was embarrassed that you had to lift me off the bathroom floor, please forgive me" he pleased. I took his hands in mine and kissed him.

"I understand love, is okay" I told him, he smiled for my sake and kissed my knuckles.

"How's your leg?' I asked him, "I'm okay Bella, is nothing" he said

"let me make sure that it isn't bruised or anything" I said, Edward nodded, he lifted his leg and I pulled up his pant leg, there was a small bruise on the side of his leg, he could hide it with long pants. I sighed

"you have a bruise Edward" I said, he reached out and touched the tender spot wincing a little, he pushed down the pant leg and covered it, then he took my hand, "let's dance" he told me.

Was he crazy? He had a bruise on his leg

"But you have a bruise" I whined, he chuckled "let's dance Bella" he said and tugged my hand. I walked with him back to the venue and to the dance floor, he held me tight as we danced a few songs in a row.

Then we went for a refreshing drink and sat at the table with some chocolate Cannoli, after that I asked Jane's sister to take a few pictures of us. Mom and Phil came to the table and mom asked mw where we have been, I told her about what happened in the bathroom and assured her that if Edward said he was okay then he was, I didn't want to upset him further.

I saw Phil leave the table and Edward had a small smile…"what did you do?" I asked him, he just smiled wider.

After the current song ended the DJ took the microphone, "I have a special request from Mr. Dwyer and Mr. Mason, to Bella and Renee" he said and the picked sing started playing.

I will always love you, from Whitney Huston

Mom and I stood up and went to our guys, we walked to the dance floor and the others made space for us to be in the center, I hated the attention but Edward's sweet gesture covered it very well. We danced close to each other as did mom and Phil. At some point on the song, Edward kissed me; I kissed him back with the same strength and melted in his arms. When the song was over, neither of us moved we kept dancing the next song, and the three that followed after that.

Thirty minutes after midnight, we went back to the table and took two more drinks, mom said it was time to go, Edward and I agreed. I grabbed my clutch and Edwards hand, we said our goodbyes and soon enough we were on our way to Edwards's house.

He and I got out of the car and I kissed him in the porch, he opened the door with hid key and got in. I waited a couple of minutes and left not only after seeing that he had turned on the light of his room as signal that he made it. I went back to the car and Phil drove home.


Hope you liked it! Pictures are on the blog of the story: the outfit of this story is under the date of August 31st. Thank you :-)  

Love it!  Can't wait for the next chapter.

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LOVE IT!!!!!! Can't wait until you post more. Please do so real soon

Chapter 18

April sleepover

(It’s been a month since last chapter)


“Edward, Mary Alice can you please come down? I need to speak with you” mom said, I stopped what I was doing and went downstairs. Alice met me there after a few seconds.

We went to the kitchen, mom served some lemonade and shortbread cookies, there was silence then mom spoke, “I’m going to start working again” mom stated; I raised my eyebrow in question.

“You are?” Alice asked.

“Yes” mom replied simply,

“For real? that’s great mom” I said.

“I decided that I don’t want to be locked up in the house anymore, you know I just go out occasionally…” she told us, I nodded.

“Awesome” I said again, after a brief silence mom spoke again.

“There’s an interior design convention in Orlando this weekend, and I’m going to attend. Since I’ve been of the design world for a while, I want to get acquainted with the new trends, and styles, so I’m going to drive there and stay in a hotel near the place where the convention will be held.” Mom explained to us.

“So we are going to be home alone all weekend?” Alice asked.

“Ahh, even though I don’t want to leave you guys alone for 3 days, I will take the risk…” mom said unsure.

“Don’t worry mother, we’ll be fine. I can make breakfast and salads, we’ll just have to order some take out for dinner, I’m pretty sure Edward and I can manage.” Alice said on a very convincing tone, but I could sense that she had something up her sleeve… I wonder what it could be.

The conversation ended after that, Alice and I went back to what we were doing. A few hours later, dinner was served and mom went to fold some laundry. Alice retreated to her room to watch TV; I took a book and went to read lounging on my bed until sleep took me.

The next morning Alice told me what she was up to when James dropped us at college, “you do realize dear brother that were not staying home alone this weekend…right?” Alice asked me casually.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Well last night after the great news that mom gave us… I talked with Renée and Bella, and asked them if we could stay there until Sunday noon…” she said casually.

“And?” I asked, “and Renée agreed!” she told me super exited.

“For real? We are staying with Bella the whole weekend? Are you nuts Mary Alice Masen?” I said.

Was she for real? Mom would kill us if she found out!

“But she wont Edward” Alice said casually.

“Did I said that out loud?” I asked, “Yep” Alice replied popping the p.

“You worry too much Edward! I promise that we will have fun, trust me everything will be fine. And what mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her” she said closing the subject.


Mom left in the wee hours of the morning, before dawn, she had left us a breakfast casserole that Alice just had to pop in the oven for 15 minutes and then it was ready to eat.

Last night, Alice had packed our bags. Mine was hiding in the closet, I didn’t want to risk mom seeing it, that wouldn’t have been pretty. Alice packed me three pajama sets; yeah I was using sets to Bella’s house since I would usually sleep in sweats or shorts, no shirt. (Not appropriate attire for a sleepover at your girlfriend’s house at all.)

I had talked with Bella, and she was ecstatic that we were staying, and she was shocked that Phil and her mom agreed to let me stay. Her enthusiasm was contagious, I couldn’t erase the smile of my face, and maybe this wasn’t a bad idea after all…

We hung up a little after that and then I went to bed.


“What’s the plan for today dear sis?” I asked Alice while we were on our way to Bella’s since it was a Friday, neither of us had class and Bella was lucky to be free from work also.

It was nearly 10 in the morning mom had called us an hour ago, I talked briefly with her, Alice controlled the rest. After that we went on our way to Bella’s.

“Well first we will have brunch and then well… I guess we’ll play it by ear; maybe we can hang out at the beach? It’s Florida after all and it’s been ages since I’ve put a foot on a beach…” Alice said. I nodded, “yeah that would be cool, its spring perfect time to go” I added.

 We arrived at Bella’s shortly after that, James carried our bags, Alice had the casserole, while I grabbed Mike’s leash, because he was staying here also.

“You are finally here” Bella said with excitement as he hugged me.

“Hey” I said

“Hi!” she exclaimed

“Come on in, oh James thank you. Let me take those” Bella said.

“have fun guys, and please be careful”  James added, he knew what he was getting himself into with our little escapade… but he trusted Alice with his life, and besides is not like we were going to party or anything.

After that we followed Bella inside and headed to the kitchen, she gave the casserole to Renée and then led me to where she had prepared for Mike to stay.

“…He will be in shade from the sun, I got him a few toys, enough food and I bought a water and food plates for him too and a pillow so he can nap, there’s one inside of the house for when he comes in at night. I really don’t want to leave him outside all day.”

She told me, “okay love, but you didn’t to go through all this trouble” I said sincerely.

“Is okay Edward, I wanted to do it. You know I love mike too.” She said I nodded.

Bella then brought me closer to her; I leaned in and kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around me I held on to her tighter; she fit so perfectly in my arms. We kissed some more, then Bella tenderly broke the kiss, “I love you” she told me.

I smiled and caressed her face, “I love you too.”

We went back inside to the kitchen were Renée and Alice were taking care of brunch, “Edward you will be sleeping in the guest room, while Bella will share her room with Alice.” Renee told us.

“awesome” Alice replied,  the casserole was out of the oven and we all settled to eat, before Renée could serve the front door was opened “hello everyone, jazzy jazz is here” it was jasper.

“Jazzy” Alice squealed.

“Hey there beautiful” he replied, “hi Bella, Edward, Ren. What’s for brunch?” he asked as he pulled a chair and sat beside me.

“Mom left us this casserole, it’s actually Edward’s favorite” Alice said. I blushed, “well lets dig in” Bella said.


After brunch, we were lounging on Bella’s back living room our stomachs full of casserole. “So what do we do now?” Jasper asked, “Well is a nice day out…why don’t we go to the beach?” I suggested.

Bella who was leaning beside me sat straight as soon as the words left my mouth, “great idea love, come on people let’s get moving!” she said exited.

“It’s settled then, let’s get changed” jasper said.

He went out to his house to get some swimming trunks on; I went to my provided room and changed also. Fifteen minutes later I was changed to my trunks, flip flops and sunglasses, even though I didn’t wear them that much, I still have to use them on extreme sun exposure, I can’t sunburn my scars.

“Bella, where are you love?” I asked.

“In here” she replied from the kitchen, “what are you doing?” I asked. “I’m just packing some snacks for the beach. Are you ready? Where is Alice?” she said.

“Knowing my sister…she’s probably not done yet” I said with a smile. “I’m here guys, gessh what’s the rush? The weekend just started” she said grabbing my arm.

In that exact same moment my cell phone rang, it was mom. “Hello mom” I said into the receiver, “hi sweetie, how are you?” mom asked me.

“I’m fine and you? How is the convention?” I asked, “Is been great so far, there’s another workshop in a few minutes, I was just having a snack so I took the chance to call you. Where is Alice?” she asked. She had been standing right beside me a few moments ago, where did she go?

“Alice… she is in her room, working on a design…” I said “oh okay, I’ll call her later then. Bye son, be good love you” mom said.

“You too, bye mom” I said ending the call.

“So what she said?” Bella asked, I heard Alice come into the kitchen again “nothing much" i said to Bella "but she will be calling to your cell phone later Alice so be aware.” I told her, “okay then, let’s go, jasper will meet us outside” Alice said.

We went outside through Bella’s back yard she opened a gate that led to the ocean, it was so cool that she had the beach right behind her house; it was more private, secluded.

We reached a spot and stopped there, “I have an umbrella” jasper announced, he got it ready while I helped Bella lay some blankets on the sand.

We sat; Bella took out her sunscreen bottle and started to apply it. When she was done she said it was my turn. “Do you want Alice to do it?” she asked.

I deliberated, okay she had already seen me shirtless…I guess she could?

“You do it?” I said as a question.

“What was that?” she asked, right I had said it too low for her to hear me.

“You do I Bella” I said. She was silent, “please?” I added.

“Okay” she replied coming closer to me.

“Bella what SPF number is your sunscreen lotion? Mine has to be 100% protection for both face and body…” I told her, she giggled beside me while she squirted some lotion on her palms.

“Don’t worry love; mine has to be 100% protection too.” She told me as she ran her hands trough my back and shoulders.

“Why?” I asked, “I’m part albino, I have to re-apply it every two hours or I’ll look like a well done shrimp” she said with a laugh.

“Mmm, I like a well done shrimp” I told her, she had finished applying the sunscreen on my chest; she was right in front of me.

“Oh really?” she teased; “yes” I said pulling her to me and pressing my lips to her. After a few seconds of kissing, I noticed that I was feeling a lot of unclothed skin…

What the hell did she have on? I thought.

“Bella love, what are you wearing?” I asked after I released her sweet mouth. She was breathing heavily.

“A two piece bathing suit, why?” she replied. I don’t remember what a two piece bathing suit is, but from all the skin I felt uncovered… I bet that is something women are supposed to wear to make men drool…

“Nothing love, what color is it?” I asked her, “purple” she said I nodded.

“Where are Alice and jasper?” I asked after a minute. “Ahh, they’re in the water, I guess they didn’t want to wait for us” she replied.

Bella moved to sit beside me and took my hand, I rubbed circles in her palm, and we stayed like that for a few good minutes; not talking just enjoying the salty air, the slow breeze, and the sound of the waves as they come and go.

“Is a gorgeous day” Bella said after a while. “Describe it to me” I asked. “Well, the sky is clear, just a few white fluffy clouds scattered around. The sun is high and shining bright, making the ocean looks amazing, there’s a couple with a young kid and a baby a little farther. I think they live three houses down from jasper actually” Bella said.

“The baby is seating in her mother’s lap in the sand playing with a plastic shovel, she is so cute…” Bella said letting her thoughts wonder.

“I wish I could see it” I told her after a while.

“Yeah me too Edward, someday” she said caressing my arm. “You think so?” I asked her. “yeah, Carlisle is a great doctor, I’m sure he will return your sight Edward, all you have to do is have a little faith.” She told me lovingly, I gave her a soft kiss and smiled.

“Thank you” I said, “why?” she asked confused.

“For having faith and believing” I told her.

She rested her head in my shoulder; I rested my head on top of hers and sighed. I had an awesome girlfriend, I wish mom could see how good she was for me, and the way she took care of me, so tender, so loving. She was going to be a great teacher and mother someday…

 “Bella do you want children?” I asked all the sudden, her head snapped up.

“What?” she asked, “it was just a thought Bella, sorry if I made you uncomfortable” I said panicked.

“No love is okay. You just caught me by surprise that’s all” she told me.

“So…?” I said, “Yeah I do want children; in the future, when my life is straight, when I graduate from college, get married… etcetera” She said I nodded in agreement.

“Your husband is going to be a very lucky guy” I told her.

“What you mean Edward?” Bella said on an edgy tone, did I upset her?

“About what?” I asked, “What you just said! You just implied that I was going to marry someone else!” she said to me. I was silent; I had upset her with my words.

“Are you going to leave me? You don’t want me anymore?” she asked her voice breaking.

I turned to her alarmed, “no sweetheart of course not, why would you think that?” I asked her. “You said that my husband was going to be a lucky man…that means you and I aren’t going to last? You’re going to leave me! That’s what’s wrong?” she said. Now I realized the depth of my words, she took them wrong? I guess I didn’t explain myself either. But what did she mean? She’s pretty upset with what I said…is she saying that she wants me forever?

“I didn’t mean it like that love” I said, “what you meant then?” she asked resentment still evident in her tone.

“I just that I didn’t thought you wanted to be with me forever….okay I know you did told me that a while ago but still, forever is a long time Bella. I was just thinking of the bigger picture, you have to understand that this relationship thing is new to me; I never thought someone would place their eyes on me and love me. My world changed when I fell in love with you Bella, you know that I love you, you’re one of the best things that have ever happened to me” I told her.

“I love you Bella Swan and I will be here for as long as you’ll have me” I declared taking both of her hands in mines. I brushed my lips to her knuckles in reverence.

“I’m sorry Edward, I overreacted. I know you love me, and you rocked my world too. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me too! And yes, I want to be with you forever, or for as long as you will have me; I promise you Edward, I’ll be here by your side. I love you too” she told me lovingly.

She took my face in her hands and brought me closer to her, she brushed her lips to mine and we kissed a long, sweet passionate kiss. It just lasted a minute, but it was great.

We broke apart just in time,  i could hear Alice and Jasper  heading towards us.

“I’m thirsty Bella, is there any juice or something to drink in that cooler of yours?” jasper asked as he plopped himself beside me. “Hi brother” Alice said seating behind me.

“Do you want anything to drink too Edward, a snack perhaps?” she asked me. “Yeah sure, can I have some water?” I told her.

Bella passed the drinks and light snacks she had packed, we ate comfortably and jasper cracked a few jokes. After that Alice and jasper got ready to dive in the water again, “do you want to go in the water Bella?” jasper asked her.

“Um I don’t know I don’t want to leave Edward alone” she said truthfully. “Is okay love, go ill stay here working on my tan” I laughed. “Edward dude, come on have some fun, Bella will take care of you…or is that you don’t know how to swim?” jasper told me.

“I know how to swim you j******, is just that I’m scared, I’ve only been in my pool at home…” I said, it sounded lame but it’s all I had to say. “Love, come on I’ll guide you” Bella said.

“Okay you guys win, let’s do this” I said. Jasper helped me up, and Bella took my hand I followed her every step. We got to the water’s edge; I gave a deep breath and held Bella’s hand tighter. Bella didn’t miss a step, the sand under our feet was smooth, the water got farther up my body as we walked deeper, Bella told me to hold her shoulders; I told her I was too heavy, she laughed and said that everyone weighted the same in the water. I actually did felt lighter I haven’t noticed that until now. Bella apparently reached the spot where Alice and jazz where, because she stopped but told me to at least hold a part of her, until I felt comfortable.

We splashed and goofed around in the water for what felt like hours, we ducked a few tall waves, Bella told me when to jump because I could lose my sunglasses since I really couldn’t take them off.


After two more hours in the beach we decided to go back to Bella’s house, take a shower and change clothes, the sticky feeling I had from the sunscreen was driving me crazy. We finally reached Bella’s house and hosed off some of the sand outside, Bella and Alice went to shower first. I decided to play with mike while I waited for one of the bathrooms to be available.

A little while later Alice came out and told me I was free to go and shower; so I did as told…

It was too early for dinner so after Bella came down from her room freshly showered we retreated to the back yard and sat on her swing, she had brought Shadowland the third installment from the immortal series written by Alyson Noel, she was going to keep reading, jasper and Alice stayed inside watching some TV, Bella had the swing under the shade.


It was time for dinner, Renée and Phil had decided to go out so we could have some “fun” Bella told us to go in the kitchen because we were all preparing dinner, we were going to make sushi. Since none of us really fancied the idea of eating raw fish now, she decided to steam the seafood, while the fish steamed, and Bella carefully made the sushi rice she told Jasper and Alice chop the vegetables and get the rest of the ingredients ready.

We were going to make the California roll, Spicy shrimp roll, and the Caribbean roll. Each of them had similar ingredients just a few were different mostly the vegetables.

While Bella made the rolls Alice said she had this recipe for a drink that Linda the Puerto Rican girl from her fashion class gave her and she wanted to try it, the name of the drink is Morir Soñando. Bella told Alice were the pitcher was, Alice took it out and rinsed, she told me that I was going to mix the drink.

She told us that it had to be a balance between the orange juice and the milk, Alice poured the juice in and then carefully she poured in the milk. She tasted it and it was right, then she poured the sugar and I stirred slowly; after that she put in a few drops of pure white vanilla extract and I mixed it in. she tasted it and added a little more sugar, then she popped it in the freezer to keep it chilled.

Bella finished cutting the rolls and placed them on their serving dishes, jasper had set up the living room for us to eat, and we sat in pillows and used the coffee table. Alice brought the drink, she told us that it had to be topped with whipped cream; she gave each of us our cup and Bella served my sushi plate, I actually knew how to use chopsticks. It took me a while to get it right but now I know, and can eat with them.

Bella said grace and we all dug in, falling in comfortable conversation, I couldn’t escape the moan that fell from my lips when I took the first bite, it was the spicy shrimp roll it was heavenly delicious.

“Wow Bella this is awesome” jasper said. I nodded, “thanks” Bella replied. I tried the drink and it was very good, refreshing, you could taste all the flavors in just one sip. We finished the meal and went to do the dishes; I sat on the island having more Morir Soñando. Bella told me I should go get changed into my sleepwear so, I gave her the finished glass, she cleaned my whipped cream mustache and I went upstairs to change.


We were in the living room again, this time we had blankets and pillows arranged in front of the TV, I was seating beside Bella, on Alice’s left side. Bella had been texting for the past 5 minutes with Renée. Alice, Bella, and jasper were goofing off when the door that accessed the garage to the kitchen was opened and Renee and Phil entered.

“I brought dessert, its cold and creamy” she announced Bella helped me up and we raced to the kitchen, jasper got there first “ice cream!” he exclaimed.

“Heck yeah! This is not any ice cream, is Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.” Jasper added, “There’s individual pints for everyone” Renée said.

“Bella here is yours Cheesecake Fantasy, Mud Pie Mojo for Jasper…” Renée said.

“Sweet! You remembered” he said.

“Of course dear” Renée said.

“And for my dear son in law Edward, which a birdie told me that Our Strawberry Blondie, is your favorite. And last but not least Chocolate Devotion for Miss Alice” Renée finalized.

She and Phil bided us goodnight and then went upstairs. We retreated to the living room and jasper put on a movie, Bella wanted to kill him but I told her that it was okay. I still could listen to it, besides he said it was a suspense movie so I offered Bella my blanket services in case that she got scared; which she actually did needed all through half of the movie.

I’m not going to deny that I actually got goose bumps and scared myself because I did; I think I even screamed a little.

The movie was over; it was late but not overly so we sat straight on the floor again contemplating what we should do next; since neither of us was near falling asleep.

“Hey! Why don’t we play truth or dare?” Alice suggested. “What a great idea let me get a bottle” jasper said.

“okay people so the rules if the game are as follow one of us will spin the bottle one on each turn, then the person who the bottle stops on has to choose a truth or dare question.” He said

Well that’s relatively easy.

“Hey jasper, do we all have to answer the truth question on this version of the game?” Bella asked.

“Yeah but just truth” he replied, “babe have you played this before?” I asked. “Mhm, in high school” she replied.

“I’ll go first” my sister announced.

Alice spun the bottle, and it landed on Bella. “So Bella, truth or dare” jasper asked.

“Truth” she said,

“Have you ever worn your mom’s clothes?”

“Ahh, yeah quite a few times when I was younger actually” Bella replied, “since she chose truth we all have to answer” Alice reminded.

“I once wore her shoes and a necklace, I was four and Alice made me do it” I said, “what about you jasper” my sister asked her boyfriend.

“Ahh yeah I used once her black dress for Halloween, I was Voldemort” jasper admitted. That cracked us up, we all laughed nonstop. “The dress was really that long?” Alice asked.

“Dude I didn’t knew that it was your mom’s dress” Bella said.

“As it is obvious I have also used moms clothes” Alice finished the round, it was now her turn to spin.

The bottle spun and it stopped in front of me. “Yayy Edward! Now choose” Bella said.

“Dare” I take the risk?

“okay, bro” jasper said, you have to kiss someone for a minute” he said.

He didn’t have to tell me twice; I reached for Bella and captured her lips, “Alice, start the timer please" jasper exclaimed. I kissed Bella with all my might, I wasn’t going to lose this dare, just when Bella and I we really into the kiss…”time’s up” Alice said.

I spun the bottle and it landed on jasper, “truth” he said fast. I came up with the question even though I didn’t know the game.

“Have you ever cheated on a test?”

“That’s an easy one, OF COURSE!” he exclaimed causing us to laugh again. The rest of us answered the question, Bella was the only one who didn’t cheat but she shared that jasper continuously cheated off from her tests, I had done it on fifth grade, it was just on one question.

He spun the bottle and it landed on Alice, “dare” my sister said, “Alice, you have to eat a bunch of mentos at the same time” Bella said, she stood up and went to fetch the mints.

“How many?” she asked, “all the ones you can eat in 30 seconds” Bella answered. Alice ate all the mentos she could completing the dare, she spun the bottle and it landed on me again.

“Truth” I chose this time; “do you have a secret hobby?” Alice asked.

“I compose music” I answered, “I paint and write, and sing” Bella admitted.

“I love collecting war related items” jasper told.

“I sing” Alice added.

She spun the bottle and it landed on jasper.

“You have to drink 5 gelatin shots!” Bella exclaimed getting up.

She came back a few minutes, with the shots… “Mmm blue raspberry gelatin” she said.

Jasper gave a groan, “seriously? You know I hate it” he whined; you have to do it is a dare” she told him playfully. He drank each shot fast, muttering his dislike of the gelatin flavor all the time.

Jasper spun the bottle and it stopped on Bella, “truth” she said.

“Who was your first kiss?” Alice said.

“Do I really have to answer that?” she said, apparently jasper and Alice nodded because she sighed.

“Jasper” Bella confessed.

The room was silent, “for real?” Alice asked. “Yeah we were on sixth grade our families where camping, it was before I left for my three week vacation with dad. It was pretty awkward actually” Bella said.

“Yeah you had braces Bella” jasper said. That comment lightened the mood. I decided to save Bella from more embarrassment and answered myself, “Bella.”

“What about you Alice?” jasper said, “Tyler Crowley when I was in 10th grade, right after I chopped my hair” she said.

“Okay moving on” I said, Alice spun the bottle.

“Okay jasper I’m going to say that this bottle hates you man” Bella said.

“Ahh what the heck lets dare” he said resigned.

Bella moved away from me and got up, my sister did the same. What could they be plotting against jasper…?

They came back a couple of minutes later, “you have to wear eye shadow and lip-gloss for the rest of the night” Bella said. “Crap you two are relentless!” jasper said, “beautify me ladies.” Bella and Alice put the makeup on jasper and Bella snapped a photo. They sat again and continued the game.

Jasper spun the bottle and it landed on Alice, “truth” she chose; “do you have a secret love?” Bella said.

“Of course, I love Vera Wang and jimmy choo” she said we laughed. “I love Beyonce and Christina Aguilera” jasper said. “I love Debussy, and Bella” I said blushing, they awed and Bella gave me a quick kiss. “I love Robert Pattinson and Vygotsky, his social theory is awesome! And of course I love Edward” Bella said.                    

“Okay people let’s make this round count, there’s just one more dare left, and I think we all should do it” Alice said.

The last spin on the bottle landed on Bella, she stood up and went to look something from the fridge. She came back “I dare you to give your partner a whipped cream smooch” she told us. She sat in front of me, “at the count of three, one, two, and three” Bella said, I opened my mouth and she put a big amount of whipped cream. Then her lips touched mine and we started kissing and eating the whipped cream at the same time, at some point Bella grabbed me closer, she was practically seated on my lap…not that I was complaining. In the last couple of months our relationship got a little bit more physical, I mean we caressed more and more each time, it wasn’t that big actually we just explored more.


The truth or dare game was over, the girls decided to watch another movie, Bella picked out Hairspray and popped it in. while the movie started I asked her for some water. I enjoyed the movie very much, at some point we all fell asleep, it wasn’t meant to happen; I mean not on the living room I mean.

The morning drew in and I was awake, I had something soft and warm very close to me “love you Edward…forever” it was Bella. I lay back down and kissed her forehead, “I love you too, my sleeping beauty” I whispered.

She woke up a little after that, “morning love” she told me sleepily, “morning.”

After breakfast we decided to go out, we all decided to go to the mall. We all scattered and got dressed, 30 minutes later we were ready and in Bella’s car. We got there and entered, we walked a lot and went to few stores, time goes fast we noticed it was almost lunch time so we headed to one of the restaurants, we chose Pizza Hut they got us a booth and we ordered our drinks and appetizer, for the pizza we chose the big dipper and ordered some breadsticks on the side.

We talked and joked for a while, mom even called Alice, she told her that we were out eating pizza and that James was outside waiting, that wasn’t entirely a lie actually. Our drinks and appetizer came up and we dug in, as more conversation flowed, we talked about everything and anything we were just enjoying the day. The pizza came and we devoured it, it was so good and the garlic butter was delicious. We saved the leftovers and told our waitress to pack it up, we ordered dessert. After that we pitched in for the bill, tipped the waitress and left. We stayed at the mall for a few more minutes, then we decided to leave and go to the park, Alice and jasper went for the swings while Bella and I decided to take a walk.

We went back to Bella’s house and got comfortable; we actually lounged in Bella’s pool until five in the afternoon. We showered and went down for dinner, it was pretty simple Renée made a pasta dish and then for dessert she served chocolate toffee mascarpone bars they were delicious.

We had a karaoke night, even I sang a couple of times. We retreated to bed; jasper went home, Bella and Alice to Bella’s room and I to the guestroom. I took out The Old Man and the Sea and started reading for a while…

Sunday morning came way too soon, Bella had made breakfast and we ate in comfortable silence; I read to her for a while. Then I got my stuff ready and dressed for the day, two hours later Bella dropped us at my house. Alice texted James to tell him we were home, Alice and I unpacked and she took the task to make the house look like if we have had been here the whole weekend. Mom returned, two hours later and we had dinner; she told us about the convention and everything. We retreated to bed early since mom was tired and so was I, this weekend was amazing, we should totally go behind mom’s back again… nah I don’t think so. 


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SLEEP OVER (Truth or Dare)


What a weekend!  Loved the chapter.  Their relationship is developing so beautifully, and his mother is starting to join the outside world again!  I wonder what she would do if she did find out what happened over the weekend, although I doubt that any one would tell her.  Can't wait to read more!


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