The Twilight Saga

The blind side of love 

A Twilight Fanfiction

By: Zaicha The Vampire Goddess




You don’t have to see the one you love to know that it's the one.

I'm Edward Mason and this is my love story:

Who said that you have to see the one you love to that she’s the one? I can’t say that exactly because I’ve been blind since I was 10 years old. Ever since then I’ve been living in the dark, but as the years passed I had learned to cope with my incapacity. Is been hard and sometimes I thought that it was unfair but who said that life is fair?

I’m almost 18 years old my twin sister Alice is my best friend; we are both on our way to college. She had dedicated every minute of her life to take care of me. She’s the best friend or sister that anyone could ask for and I love her a lot. Sometimes I wished that she had a boyfriend; she has a few friends but I know that she hasn’t gone on a date in a long time, she had cared too much for me.

My mother, what can I say about my dear mother Esme, she has also dedicated her life to take care of me and Alice. She’s been a widow since my father died in the car accident in wich I lost my vision. It was caused by a drunk driver; my father died instantly. Since then I had to learn to live without eyes; I had learned to see with my other senses. It wasn’t easy but that was the way I have to live.

I refuge myself in music, I relearned to play the piano and a few years ago I started composing music. Next fall Alice and I will be entering college, mom didn’t want me to enroll but I convinced her. She’s a bit overprotective but I love her anyway.

 I have to say that I’ve never fell in love. Let’s face it, who will want a boyfriend who can’t see? Alice says that we will find love together, I laugh every time she says that. Maybe for her but for me…

You don’t know how wrong I was, very, very, very wrong…







Rosalie & Emmett 

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Mike (Edward's Guide dog)

Emilia, Ethan and Lillian

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aaww... yay.... im glad that they are getting along... I can't wait to find out what Bella says to Edward being Blind! Love this chapter!

here is a teaser from chapter 6 honoring Bella's birthday today!!! (and jaspers introduction to the story)

The birthday
-A week after chapter 5


Sunday, today mom and I were celebrating my birthday. It’s been four years since my last with her, so she was making up for the time apart. It was 8:00 am, I got up and ready, mom and I had an appointment at the SPA.
After a quick breakfast we went out of the house, and mom let me drive. Dad had thought me and I had my driver’s license though I didn’t own a car, I had an old pickup truck at forks but I couldn’t bring it here because it didn’t have AC and it was way beat up for the streets of Florida, so we agreed that it should stay with dad back on forks. I missed it though, and I missed dad too terribly.

We arrived at the SPA and checked in, they led us to the changing rooms so we could change into robes, the first thing on the list was manicures and pedicures, so we headed that way. While we were there they gave us a cocktail, it didn’t have any alcohol in it they were just called that way…

When our hands and toes where done, we went to get facials, they did everything on our skins, what hurt the most was the exfoliating part, those women there exfoliated hard! After that mom and I went to get waxed, I’ve gone through this one before for mom’s wedding so I knew what to expect, but I’m going to admit that it hurt a little.

“Beauty is pain Bella” mom said when I whined about it.

After that, we removed our facials and then we went to the sauna for 30 minutes… when we were out we hydrated and went to take our massages, finally. When they where half way on mine, I dozed off, when it was over they woke me up. The final task we had left was a makeover, okay I clarify mom said that my hair needed help so we went to a salon to take care of that.

They gave applied some special creams and masks to my hair, to revitalize it. After my ends, eyebrows, and bang where cut and trimmed we headed to lunch.

After we ate, we headed to the mall; I needed more clothes according to mom. We went to almost every store, I had a lot of shopping bags but it was totally worth it, I had awesome outfits, and I also found a dress for tomorrow night and a cute outfit for tonight.

Tonight mom Phil and I were having dinner, then a movie and ice cream. We headed home with both the trunk and back seats full of bags. When we arrived home, I took my bags and went to my room, I had an hour or two to kill, so I hanged all the garments fast and laid down for a much needed nap.
1:30 minutes later mom woke me up.

“Bella, sweetie is time to get ready for dinner” mom said opening the door a little, “okay mom thanks” I replied.
She left; I went to the bathroom to get ready.

After my shower I retouched my hair with the flat iron, and put a little coat of makeup. After that I dressed on what I had bought this afternoon; it was a striped, short puffed sleeved button down shirt, with a matching navy blue skirt, and platform shoes. I grabbed my cardigan and purse and headed downstairs.
“Wow Bella you look pretty” Phil said with a warm smile. “Thanks” I replied

Phil drove this time, we arrived to Olive Garden, the waiter let us to our table and handed us the menu, he took our drink’s order and left.

“What are you getting Bella?” Phil asked after a while when the waiter came to take our order, I bit my bottom lip as I looked at the menu and deliberated. “Well, I think I’ll take the chicken fettuccini Alfredo and a Cesar salad” I answered. The waiter then took mom and Phil’s orders and left.

“So Bella, did you enjoy your day?” Phil asked “yeah, it was fun. I needed the girl time with mom since I haven’t made any friends at school yet” I said taking a sip from my soda. “So Phil…” I started “oh don’t even think about it! I’m giving you your present tomorrow” he said with a mocking smile.

“Whatever” I said playfully, crossing my arms at my chest. We laughed, after that the conversation flowed and we talked about everything, I got along with Phil.

I remembered that he grounded me once and I was so mad at him, I even called dad but he told me that I had to obey. I was ten, it was a year after he started living with us, and we were on Jacksonville back then.
“Yeah I remember you where so mad to Charlie and me afterwards” Phil recalled with a laugh.

The conversation was good and dinner flowed comfortably, after the check was paid we made our way to the movie theater for the last part of my pre-birthday celebration.

“3 adults tickets for Eat, Pray, Love” Phil said to the attendant at the entrance, she typed on the computer and gave us the tickets.

We all enjoyed Julia Roberts so we decided to watch this one. We chose our seats and a short while after we were seated the ads started playing, then 10 minutes later the movie’s opening credits appeared, the room went quiet…

When the movie was over we headed for the closest Cold Stone to get some ice cream. I ordered cream cheese ice cream, with graham crackers and strawberries; it was one of my favorites. They made me a huge ice cream ball. Gosh I missed my cold stone ice cream. It’s been four years since my last.

While we enjoyed our frozen delight, we discussed the movie. After that we went home.
It had been a wonderful evening, but I was expecting my official birthday dinner tomorrow night…


I still grazed my cheek where Bella kissed me goodbye, I couldn’t believe it!!
Alice and I went out on Saturday to get Bella’s gift from my part, she didn’t mention it but I wanted to give her something…so we both decided to go to Borders and buy her a book or two.

During the week I asked Bella, of the books she had read and the movies she had seen, I didn’t knew them all but I didn’t told her that. I knew the ones she like and loved. Of course she owned them so that’s why I opted for the books.

I ended up buying her two that I knew she wanted to read really badly, but she hasn’t got the time to buy the books for herself.

After I was done at the bookstore, Alice passed by the Godiva Chocolate window and another idea came to us…

I could also give her a box of chocolate, so we went in, “Come on Edward she’ll love it!” Alice squeaked she was very excited.

We chose a bar for mom, one for Alice and me. After that we picked out a box for Bella. It was totally worth it, the box of mixed truffles was expensive but I didn’t thought about that.

After that, Alice entered to another store to get some gift bags for me to put the books in and she needed at box for her own present…

Both of us went to bed exited that night.


“Happy birthday” mom repeated when she dropped me off.
I was going to stop at the library to get some copies, when I opened the door I tripped.

“So sorry! I was distracted” a guy said as he helped me. “Don’t worry” I said after I steadied myself and arranged my clothes I looked up to him, I was surprised when I saw who he was.

“Jasper Withlock?” I asked he looked back at me “do I know…Bella Swan?” he said surprised. “Yes, jasper is me” I said “hey! Why didn’t you tell me that you moved back?” he asked “I didn’t know if you still lived here or if you went to college somewhere else” I stated “silly Bella” jasper replied.

Jasper and I have been friends since preschool, he was my best friend. ‘he accompanied me to the library, and I updated him with what have been going on with me since I left here, of course he went to my mother’s wedding so he knew the reason of my move.

“Hey Bella, I know what day is today!” he said I laughed “happy birthday” he said “thanks Jazzy” I replied.
We where near my first classroom now.

“So what are you doing this year?” he asked “well since is a school night I’m having a dinner and then a cake. I invited 4 more people for here” I told him “do you mind if I join? You know I love your birthday cakes!” he asked. I looked at him “of course you can come, be there at 6:00 sharp” I grinned.

“Roger that” he said then he went his way…

I was getting ready to go to Bella’s dinner party, mom only agreed when she saw the address Bella lives in a control access residency group that wasn’t far from where we lived. Alice as usual picked out my clothes this time I told her the colors I wanted to wear and she agreed. Corduroy black pants with a light blue shirt and a black corduroy jacket; instead of my converse I wore dress shoes and a matching belt. Alice said that Mike and my walking stick where going to stay at home, I sighed I wasn’t planning on taking them anyway.
When Alice was done at 5:45 we went out to the car.

“I’m so exited Edward!” Alice said, yeah I knew that I could feel the seat moving with her bouncing. “Yeah I can feel that” I said she stopped bouncing “thank you.”

“For the record in very nervous, exited, and scared all the same time” I said “yeah I know” Alice replied. After a few short minutes we arrived to Bella’s house, I could hear the music inside, it wasn’t too loud though. Alice helped me out; I clanged to her arm and tried to look natural.

Alice ringed the bell, a woman opened the door. “Hello” she said “him, we are Alice and Edward Masen, Bella invited us” Alice told her.

“Oh! I’m Renée Bella’s mom, come in” Renée said.

“Bella sweetie, Edward and Alice Masen are here…” she called.
Wow! I loved the teeser! When will you post the next chapter? I can't wait to read what happens at the party with bella and edward. And now with jasper in the story.
Love it...I can't wait to read the rest of the chapter. The is getting good!
Another cliff hanger:( Need more very fast, plzzzzzzzz!!!!!:)
WOW! that was sooooooo cool!!!
what a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it!! write soon...
can´t wait for more keep me update please *kiss*
wow i really liked it !
youre vert talented :)
please;keep going :D
I loved, loved, loved!
Wooowwwww just loved it.
Update sooooonnnnn.


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