The Twilight Saga

 chapter one

the secret is over


hi i am bella marie swan demetris i told the optomitrist. how did you know i came in he asked.i heard your feet steps. foot steps he corected me. sorry she does that a lot my dad apoligized. what for dad what for. bella im going to ask you to lay down. dont worry doc i do this more than you think the reason this time im starting school tomorow and they need your note so that i can have rosco come too school with me. by the tim i finished talkin he was done and had already wrote out the note. here you go the note he said. whats your name doc. sorry bella its dr cullen. ok then doc see ya later.

I woke up this morning walked down stairs to meet with my dad and brother jasper. you ready to go sis. sure am i told him the next thing i knew i was in the car with his help of course. we got there fivteen mineuts early and my brother walked me to class. your professor knows all about your condition and he will take care of you make sure you dont hurt yourself i mean. he said he'll pair you up with someone very smart just like yourself.fine bro go your going to be late i told him. fine here comes the professer. ok bella im mr collin. the desk your at will have some letters in graved in it the letters will spell out your name. ok teacher whatever you say. the room started filling up. then mr. collin said everyone exept for miss swan over here get up asigned seats.okay he went down everybody in the list and the last one he called was edward cullen you shall sit with miss swan.


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is this a preview of the new book from edwards point of view.
Yeah, that was good. Is this from edward point of view.
How are you going ot do this story? Don't know if you know there is one where Edward is blind so just wandering if you are kinda of going in that direction or are you like alot of other people and going ot put her with Jacob? Like so far just wandering?
option one ok any more questions just ask
hello im eward he said. im bella I told him. ok class lets begin. take out romeo and juilet I searched for the book found it after a while looked for the place the teacher told us to go to then started reading or in this case feeling. ok type a ten page essay with your partner mr collin said. okay what do you want to do bella you can come to my house i toldd him then headed to math this was my worst subject but still managed to do good in. the rest of the day went by fast. when it was time for lunch jasper got mine for me we sat outside. then i went for my last class. when the class was over i heard that velvet voice agian bella he said what time do you want me over he asked six i told him then i went to the parking lot to wait for jasper turns out he was waiting for me. you ready to go sis. yeah jazz. dad were home i said. ok he said. im having my partner coming here dad he should be here around six o'clock. okay its five right now does he know he will if his dad asks where he's going. you didnt no dad i didnt the teacher did dad, fine lets just hope he dont treat you different we cant move again. 1 hour later . knock knock. I went to the door with my stick. come in i said slowly walking back to the table. edward there's something you should know i started. bella are you sure you can trust him with this jasper asked. jazz his father is my eye docter i can trust him with this. huh edward asked. edward im blind and dont want nobody to know about it your dad saw me two days ago and these two were afriad you would tell and we would have to move agian. is that all he asked. what do you mean. I mean im deslexic chage that was deslexic with tharapy ive learned to write the right way what i meant was i know how you feel and this is why you wanted me to come here. yes i replied.
yall look at my other storys please
this is bella's pov all of it in less it says different
I want to meet the girl who drove you here i told him. you mean alice he asked weirdly. yeah problem with that jasper imediatly said. jazz calm down please i asked. then mumbled overprotective fool. well its just that nobody rarely wants to meet my little sis. honk thats my ride gotta go i'll bring her by the cafateria. you mind emmett comes to he asked. no i replied.

i woke up and got ready. went to school. waited in the cafateria like told. ten mineutes after i sat down. hi i heard a high pitched voice said.bella this is alice and emmett edward said. hi i said. hey a deeper voice said. so your the freak that wanted to meet this tiny annoying girl. edward i started. he got what i was saying. no bella they dont he said. why dont they i asked. do you want them to he asked. what are you two talkin about. bella but if they tell ill have my brother beat them up well maybe not the girl he has a rule about that or at least for me he- get to the point bells. tell them but if they tell anyone with out my permission then their dead basicly. wait why dont you make them wait till they ask dr cullen or as he told me carlilse. huh how does she know dad emmett asked. so alice i live with boys can you help with the wardrobe problem i asked. bella you look fi- he said until i cut him up. shut it jazz. well how do you know what you look like if you cant even see it he snapped. i went to the bathroom and was followed by alice. are you okay. yes we have this stupid fight every stinking day how i look perfect and should be in special classes with jasper i just cant take it no more i need a break from it all i said she hugged me. how would you like it if you came over with me she asked. how many heard. just us at the table she said. ok will your dad be there. probobly why. thats probly the only way i could go. come on rosco lets go to the last class of the day. pick you up at three ok bella. fine i said. the class went fast.jasper drove me home and put rosco up grabbed the stick while dad packed my stuff.honk alice was here. i went and got my stuff. then hugged dad. got in the car. so alice does your dad know who's coming i asked. he knows its one of my friends why. just curious i said. were here. come on she said. um alice. oh sorry she said. in the back ground i heard him say there here. hello i thought i heard a fimilare voice i said. bella he questioned me. yes carlilse. your the one that had a fight with your brother he asked. yes well are you going to introduce me to esme or not. i already know alice, edward, and emmett. that leaves rosalie and esme so which voice is which. hi bella ive heard alot about you. thanks um. sorry its esme. and that leaves the mystery voice for later. told you esme she does good for her condition carlilse said. you do know i can hear you carlilse and that sense im blind i hear 39% more than another hearing child does i said smileing. yes bella i do know that sense i do speacilize in that area.
I just found your story and really enjoy reading it! Please continue! and add me
the welcoming was well i thought. rosalie never talked though and i soon would be returning to the house where my brother was and i was not prepared for another fight. all i knew about the cullens is that there very differnt they dont sleep all night i heard the same voices talking.

morning bella i heard esme say. morning mrs cullen i said then it hit me i had to get dressed. um esme can you get alice i asked her if she could help me with my wardrobe. she had to leave but im just as good she replied. you sound frustrated i guessed. its just your dad called and-. i cut her off he wants me to either stay longer carlilse to check my eyes or both. im i right i asked. why yes in fact you are its both she told me shocked as she pulled the dress over my head. esme your hiding the arguement you and carlilse had last night you want to talk about it i asked. wow you have realy good ears and i should be asking you that she said. what you mean the stupid little fight i have everyday with one of those stupid boys. over how i look perfect and how i should stop trying to go to school. in fact the only reason i was mad yesterday is because he sits there and thinks alice and edward cant keep the secret yet he could have told half the cafeteria i said. can carlilse come and have his fun so i can take you shopping she asked. yes mam he can. please call me esme she said as she went out the door
Looking forward to reading more. Good
I'm sorry to interrupt but i find this story so hard to understand because of the lacking of punctuation marks. :|


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