The Twilight Saga

 chapter one

the secret is over


hi i am bella marie swan demetris i told the optomitrist. how did you know i came in he asked.i heard your feet steps. foot steps he corected me. sorry she does that a lot my dad apoligized. what for dad what for. bella im going to ask you to lay down. dont worry doc i do this more than you think the reason this time im starting school tomorow and they need your note so that i can have rosco come too school with me. by the tim i finished talkin he was done and had already wrote out the note. here you go the note he said. whats your name doc. sorry bella its dr cullen. ok then doc see ya later.

I woke up this morning walked down stairs to meet with my dad and brother jasper. you ready to go sis. sure am i told him the next thing i knew i was in the car with his help of course. we got there fivteen mineuts early and my brother walked me to class. your professor knows all about your condition and he will take care of you make sure you dont hurt yourself i mean. he said he'll pair you up with someone very smart just like yourself.fine bro go your going to be late i told him. fine here comes the professer. ok bella im mr collin. the desk your at will have some letters in graved in it the letters will spell out your name. ok teacher whatever you say. the room started filling up. then mr. collin said everyone exept for miss swan over here get up asigned seats.okay he went down everybody in the list and the last one he called was edward cullen you shall sit with miss swan.


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hey i have a suggestion.......can u put some quote in each of the sayings of each character....'cause it's very hard to read without the quotation marks.....
please update this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my computer has shut down soon as i can i will right more
I enjoy reading but the other two are right. If you could put quotation marks around who is speaking it would make it alot easier to see who is saying what and more enjoyable to read
sorry internet still down and fyi if you dont like how i write then dont read it just sayin


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