The Twilight Saga

I liked both.
But, I prefer the book more.

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i haven't seen
the movie
yet but
i love the book its my favorite
eclipse book is also my fave. =)
Loved the movie but the book fav.
i hands down believe,all the books are better then the movies.Stephenie Meyer has a way with her words to take the reader in the world of the Cullen's,when i am reading it is like a movie playing in my head.i think eclipse was amazing,david slade did an amazing job directing i loved it.eclipse was my favourite so far.....
I agree I like the book way better.
This is my favorite Book, so I haven't see the movie yet, but i'm sure this movie is better than the ones before, anyways the books

is always better than the movie
the book for sure! i would say that for every movie! A director cant hit certain things the way Stephanie Meyer does. She is a great writer and grabs her readers attention! The movie is only Sparknotes of what the books are all about!
The book of course
The book is way better of course, but I loved the movie too! David Slade did an amazing job, as did all the actors.
I like the book, the movie just for see Edward Cullen


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