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I saw the ring that Edward presented to Bella on the Eclipse trailer.  What did you think about it?  Too big?  small?  or just right?

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Here's a better look at the ring.

I like it, it fits the description in the book, in my opinion of course.

oooh where did you find this?
I found it in one of the sites, either cullen news, twilight lexicon etc.
Google it and you'll find it.

here's another close up shot!

That ring is beautiful I want one of my very own!!!
It is! Pretty close to how SM described it in her book.
it's exactly like described in the book..
So beautiful....
After I went back to see how it was in the book, I think it's about right! Not what I would have pictured but yeah it works.
Just Right
I think the ring looks exactly the way Stephenie described it in the book. Read page 458 in Eclipse again. It turned out to be everything I pictured it would be. I can't wait to watch Edward's face as he puts the ring on her finger. *tears dropping* "his angel's face brilliant with joy and victory." Yeah!!
I thought it might have been smaller but I think its both perfect for her and Edward so I like it, but I will wait for the film to make my final judgement :)
i pictured it a little smaller and more vintage looking but i think it looks great
hmmm, this is more what i thought it would look like more or less, not as big : / xx

still very beautiful though XD


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