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I saw the ring that Edward presented to Bella on the Eclipse trailer.  What did you think about it?  Too big?  small?  or just right?

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I really like this ring and it is very close to what I imagined it to look like.
I thought it was absolutely gorgious! Although I didn't think it really looked like it could have been his mother's, and it was a liitle big for my taste, but I thought it totally fit Kristin.
the ring is a little big but I still think it's pretty.
i dont like it it look s like a normal ring
I'm wondering what she'll do for an actual wedding band! The setting is so large that a band would simply not fit along with the engagement ring. There are jewelers who simply sauder a band only on the band part of the engagement ring, but not around the large setting. Make sense? You know, they probably won't even do a wedding band - the engagement ring will suffice for simplicity's sake. I am curious though!
I think that ring is the engagment ring and wedding ring for her.... But we will see....


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