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I saw the ring that Edward presented to Bella on the Eclipse trailer.  What did you think about it?  Too big?  small?  or just right?

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It was supposed to be so old fashion and not something you could just go out and buy... I think it looks about right... I didn't imagine it quite like that but it works.
I did not think it would be like an oval they way they described it in the book it was more of a stone surounded by diamonds in a pretty fassion. It was suppose to be small and dainty like Bella. The ring they are using does look like its from the right era of time and it is a beautiful peice but not what I thought they would use for the engagment ring at all. I even grabbed the book to reread what it was described as and I really do not think that is what should been used.

I pictured it prettier but very similar to this. I am going to wait until I see the movie to make a final judgment...I can't wait to see the look in Edwards eyes as he asks and his soft loving voice saying those beautiful words...ahhhhh I can't wait
just the same,right click and then click save image as..u can save it also.
oh..maybe there's something wrong with your computer..because,I actually tried to save it that way and it worked..i was able to save the moving image as it is.
Aww me too! -///-
i like it
I thought it was a little to big. I thought for her he woul give something smaller being that she is kind of petite, but I will have to wait until the movie comes out to see it on her finger to make final judgement.
yea i taught it waz a little 2 big at first but once i taught bou it i figured it is just about right, old fashioned and one of a kind!! just as edward is and isnt that the whole point!!! cant wait til the movie whoop:) frm the lil bit we have seen the scene seems so romantic jus frm there expressions:)
Something I was thinking about the ring is there is a possibility that they tried to make it simple for Mass production.. I am sure they are going to sell it as part of the Eclipse products. They had to make it simple to make it cost affective. I would rather pay more for something truly beautiful......just a thought I could be totally off base
You're right, they might try to sell it, but SMeyer already approved a ring design that is marketed as Bella's engagement ring. They sell a white or yellow gold or goldtone version with your choice or real or artificial stones. So I don't know how they'd get around the licensing for that. But the ring in the trailer looks like it's just a larger version of the one that's already being sold. I'm not really a fan of either the trailer version or of the "offical" design from Infinite Jewelry.
I actually pictured it looking more like this:

but i think it's a little big still the design is great


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