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do you guys think that edward cold eva die? I mean, he is immortal, but what would have happened if James or Victoria, or even Aro, had killed him???? Please reply....

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edward being a vampire, can only be killed like a vampire has to be killed unlike any of the humans death. i mean see how james was killed ( the cullens burnt him after tearing him into pieces) and the volturi scene where aro kills a vampire.
err... sorry jane, i realise that my previous answer is so stupid. Actually i fell for your first question, literally, answering the technics as to how vampires can be killed. That was totally and utterly rubbish. Pl ignore my previous answer.
OK now to get on with it, undoubtedly bella will follow suit if edward at all gets killed/dies. and that situation will never ever arise coz they got alice, of course even if somebody dodges her with the "holes in her vision" they have powerpacked cullens right there. Not to forget the everready Emmett, he would love to lend a helping hand. Wat say people!!!!!!!!!
If he ever died,the whole of Bella's life would have been utterly meaningless and the twilight universe would have lost its pull it has for all of us who love it so much!!! Jake would have tried to put Bella back but she would be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much unwilling to to even breathe right after she knows that the love of her life is no longer exists!
I would die
i think he could die but it would have to be an extreme circumstance but edward unlike most of them was selfless and he loved with every part of him, the thought of bella, jacob, rrenesmee, and his fam having to grieve aftee him is something i dont think edward could live with even life after death
edward couldn't live in the world without Bella,neither could she.During the time he was away ,it was his vioce woke her up and made her live.She kept finding it ,but if he died , then nothing exists,maybe she would behave like Juliet~
If Edward would have died then Twilight wouldn't be what it is... It wouldn't be a happily ever after... I believe that if Bella lost Edward she would end her own life... If she didn't do that then she would have ended up with Jacob! I believe the only reason Jacob didn't imprint of her was because she was going to have Nessie... If Nessie wasn't a possiblity then he would have imprinted on her and tried to make her happy. Edward dieing wouldn't have made millions of dollars like it has!
It just wouldn't be Twilight without Edward. Bella wouldn't have lived through it if he'd died. Just look how bad she was when he left her, when he was still alive. Imagine if he were dead. I couldn't.
there would be no point to the twilight saga if edward died....
thats so hard to even imagine that...but i believe he can...i mean he could slip & allow his temper to get the best of him. and if he did die, then bye bye bella =/ not whats up along w/ the cullens fam.


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