The Twilight Saga

I found this video on youtube

A girl named Anastasia Mantihora created all tyese pictures by herSelf and put them together beautifully. You will feel like part of the story. She gets every detail up until right before Alice leaves. If you are looking for something to get you through these next couple monthes before the movie, you've found it!

It's truly amazing!

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WOW, if she isn't a professional artist already she should be...I think she captured the story line as well as they probably can on video...I am amazed!
OMC that was awesomeness!!
I'm quite speechless!! It's pure brilliance. Genius!!!
This is amazing. Someone posted this video already and when I first saw it I was blown away. Simply beautiful.
I love the part where bella fell asleep at the
Yeah! lol... that was funny!


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