The Twilight Saga

comment on what u think of it???

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welll,one of all i did't watch the movie and won't even if my life depended on yh
i agree im jst one of those people tht love twilight soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much tht i wuld be mad if i wtchd it
I watched it and thought it was hilarious!!! You just gotta have a sense of humor about these things.
i agree it was funny and a good/ bad for parents movie too bad they couldnt make fun of werewolves enough NEXT MOVIE WEREWOLVES SUCK lol!!!!
i dn watch ya if its hillarious...may b i'll watch it.........
yh it really did suck the five of us that went to see it agreed that it was a total waste of 30 bucks. The jokes were cheesey and lame. i may hav laughed once or twice but never enough to call it any where near funny. And i didnt mind too much that they were making fun of twilight. Edward isnt that self centered or weird. at least not weird enough to be like a perfect match with Lady Gaga. no offence i love her but, still. And i dont really care what they say any way.
havent saw it yet!!!!!!!
I didnt see the movie. I only saw the previews off the tv. I thought it was an insult to the twilight saga. But then I thought it was kind of funny too.
SUCKED weres kristian
i haven't watched it yet, but i know some parts are really gonna affend me cause i hate when people make fun of edward, but then the whole jacob turning into a chiuaua was hilarious
Em nt gonna watch it. Fo d sake ov lov and respect to that chractrs i admire ,I love i cnt wtch a movie in which ma fav chractrs r prtyd like ths .
i thought some parts were funny but after a while it got lame and annoying!


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