The Twilight Saga

Granted they caused some trouble for the Cullens, but do you think there is a need for them or that they should just mind their business?

I personally think that there is a need, numerous times they mention how out of control vampires can get, they may be a tap bit power hungry but at least there is some law and order even if it is a zero tolerance kinda deal

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I think they should leave the cullens alone but they do have an important job but they could be a lil nicer about it!!
Of course the Volturi should be there. Like you I definitely think there is a need for them in the vampire world. Also, they are a fantastic asset to the story.
I agree...
Hmmm I think the Cullens should rule them. They're a lot fairer
There is a need for them in general they police the vampires, but The Cullens shouldnt be including in the because they've done nothing wrong. The Volturi is needed for people like James & Victoria starting trouble with a coven for no apparent reason


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