The Twilight Saga

The Red Dress !! Kinda am revealing my thoughts in my poems !! So what do you think of this one ?!!

Aw!! The Crowd Said : Look how she dressed

She’s with a long wedding dress : But Red with shiny sets

Calmly Waiting; to go away : To go where?!! No-Where!!

The Unknown curse Came on : Brought in Tons

Crave Bones

Hola Nun; a lot of mistakes done : Not for fun, but intentionally Sticking to my guns

O! Lord! How can I deal?!! : How should I feel?!!

What can I say?!! : You know my all me

I’m in the Zone : Where all forbidden is shown

My red dress O my red dress : What the red can be for– miss- ?!!

It can be for rage, for fight : for revolution or might

No, No Mine isn’t for so : It’s for my blood fall

Every part of my body is shorn : To color my dress Red

O! That Dawn!!

It’s me without make-ups : Falling apart trying to clutch-up

Why when I do a step : A lot of things happen, Pull me back

How Dull?!!

Do you believe me nun?!! : Or keep my side hidden in

Mourning the days and years : Tearing blood with fears

Don’t hurt me again : I wish so!! But I know,

You‘ll do it again

My tears nurturing you : you feed on my fears “cruel”

My blood is your power : To lit-it up like fire

I’m tired of this : and seems no way to find the light

Each step getting darker : More than the previous, further

I don’t deserve it : I want my life back

To drive it : As I always wanted Sam

Let it bleed till I die : The best choice for me to fly

To breathe the freedom : To set me high

As I ever wished : To always die

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Thanks so much
Tres merci :D
that was good.
Thanks a lot :D
Really nice!... :)
:D Thanks "blush"
Thanks a lot April for replying back :D
Tres merci
Wishing you the best
Thanks a lot mahak :D
thats really good
Thanks lotta Shannon


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