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I think Bree Tanner is a good character to write a book about, but, I think Midnight Sun should have been published first. I dont see why Stephenie would go ahead and write a book about a character that you barely see in Eclipse. I would much rather read Midnight Sun than Bree Tanner.

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Stephanie might be having more surprises down the line so just wait its too early. Bree I think makes us understand a lot more of the whole plot
i really want midnight sun to come out as well but stephanie is still hesitant to finish writing it because someone she trusted posted the first unfinished draft online. I think she published bree tanner to keep us occupied until she finishes midnight sun
Oh, I never thought of that. Thank you!
no prob ;) i hope midnight sun comes out soon!!
My hope is that MS comes out next spring.
i hope its that soon!!
have you ever thought why we love the series so much?? because Stephenie wrote it with every piece of her soul if she can't do that with midnight sun right now it's okay because we as her fans will feel the tinniest change in her attitude when she writes because we don't just read we feel the story and bree is a new side from Stephenie as much as we felt how brave was bella we felt how afraid was bree it was amazing like stephenie can really control our feelings and to do that in midnight sun it will take a lot of emotional work to make us feel so happy,confused and guilty.
Brees story has been written since the developement of Eclipse. She just now published it this year. MS is something she had been writing but quit working on, but will hopefully finish this coming year after they film Breaking Dawn. I'd like to think she's working on MS now as a surprise to be revealed later this year or next summer. She hasn't put out anything in awhile (since The Host) and is bound to be working on SOMETHING. Maybe and hopefully it's MS....or Edward's POV of one of the others..that would be typical of Stephenie. I can actually see her doing that...
I really want to read midnight sun... I think it is a neat concept to read in edwards view... I hope it comes out sooner rather then later... either way though ill be pumped to read it!
I'm just waiting and totally agree with you.


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