The Twilight Saga

as all of you know, 
has only messaging and comment boxes for you to communicate and chat with other Twilight fans.

Do you think, they should have like a chat box? Like on Facebook, something like that?

I think there should be.
So we can all communicate easily, right and meet new friends?

Votes up or down?

Don't hate. I'm just asking you.

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I think that would be cool
I think that's a good idea..and there's a bunch of members keep complaining about there inboxes flooded by notifications from the comment wall..
I know right? They should put a chat box...around here somewhere..
Anyone of you, know the creator of this website and tell him/her that we like to request a chatbox? Thanks! :D
Great idea! I've been thinking of that before..
Is hachette group the creator of the site?
yeah, i think. it said below
Maybe we can send our request on their official site
that would be cool
yes..agree agree
Yes, I think they should have a chat on here because no twilight fan on the twilight saga sight has any privacy because they only have comment boxes and stuff so i think a chat would be good so you can chat to one specific person at a time, instead of everyone seeing it.-X-Livvii-X


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