The Twilight Saga

as all of you know, 
has only messaging and comment boxes for you to communicate and chat with other Twilight fans.

Do you think, they should have like a chat box? Like on Facebook, something like that?

I think there should be.
So we can all communicate easily, right and meet new friends?

Votes up or down?

Don't hate. I'm just asking you.

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Yes exactly..i just send my request to the hachette group for a chatbox. Hope they'll grant it..
how did u send a request?
They should have a chat, that would be great!!!!
They should have a facebook page for all of twilight fans so that we can meet others like us and chat and share pics. I have several twilight sights i go on to send different pics to some of my twilight family but would love to have friends to share with too. If u are interested my facebook page is carla marshall send me a friend request and let me know u r twilight fans that want pics and i will be ur friend and send u pics and u send back and we can have all kinds of pics and they are from all four books/movies
Yes, I also agree that they should have a chat box. Hope to see one added soon.
it would be nice..


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