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Me and my pigheaded brother lol, are on two different team. He's Harry Potter and I'm twilight. Now he's seen twilight he says he liked it.But he still likes HP better. I've seen a couple of the HP movies but I didn't like them. They bored me to death. My brother says HP is better because of the magic. I said the twilight saga is better because there's hotter actors and actress in the movies. And also everyone is in love with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and all of the other characters along with the actors & actress. So what I want to do is get as many people as possible and prove him right that twilight is better then HP. So leave a comment saying which series is ur favorite and why. Oh and tell ur friends on this site to check this out and leave a comment. Plezzz and Thanx.

Go Team Twilight!!!!

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I'm not trying 2 compare them. It's just my brother is saying twilight sucks. And I'm trying 2 prove him wrong.
twilight is better than harry potter..
harry potter are for kids... lol! though i WAS a harry potter addict a long time ago, but ive gone tired of it. thank God, twilight came to my life. i was save! :))
how did it save ur life?
Hp was my first love...but when i saw Twilight and i read the whole saga, i can say that i broke up with the world of wizards. =]
omg i can't stop reading the twilight books but after like, 15 pages of harry potter i closed the book! it was so boring.
That's how I felt about the HP movies. Boring
first 2 books are the most boring...the seventh is more interesting...Harry Potter is for children, for them is not boring at all.
you probably shouldnt ask this on a twilight fan website try taking a poll off of random people on the streets (i say twilight because there is more romance)
Thats a good idea. thanx.
ya u got a point.
okkay this shouldnt even be a comparison between the two!! Twilight is better in my POV. i think it has a better story line and it is easy to get into. The books lure you in, just like Edward Cullen ;] but yeah HP has some good movies, but Twilight is way better. I mean even the names of the books are better!! :D


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