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Me and my pigheaded brother lol, are on two different team. He's Harry Potter and I'm twilight. Now he's seen twilight he says he liked it.But he still likes HP better. I've seen a couple of the HP movies but I didn't like them. They bored me to death. My brother says HP is better because of the magic. I said the twilight saga is better because there's hotter actors and actress in the movies. And also everyone is in love with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and all of the other characters along with the actors & actress. So what I want to do is get as many people as possible and prove him right that twilight is better then HP. So leave a comment saying which series is ur favorite and why. Oh and tell ur friends on this site to check this out and leave a comment. Plezzz and Thanx.

Go Team Twilight!!!!

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twilight it's so much better than harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can u spead the word around about this plezzz?
i'm new... i don't have friends yet
twilight all the way hp was so boring even the books bored me go twilight
yeah totally agree with u on that.
you're right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i used 2 love harry potter and now i really don't get it...
I like them both... There are just different. I like twilight not because of the actors or anything but because its romantic and just something to dream about and it makes me feel good and in love hahaha. Harry Potter is different, its not so romantic but it has more magic, mistery and action. Sure the actors are not that hot but the story is very very good and as in twilight the movies don't do justice to the books!!
yeah I agree twilight is romantic. I think that's why I like twilight more.
The harry potter bok is no love story so no i dont like the harrypotter book i love Twilight way Way beter sense it actually gets emotions out of me and i love love stories :) no offence to harry potter lovers...i still watvhed the movie but we are talking about books here right?
OMG!!! so true
Stop comparing both books all the time ! |:
I Love both books at the same way.
It bugs when you compare this two brilliantly made books !


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