The Twilight Saga

Hey everyone!!

I was just thinking about the twilight saga novels' titles the other day when this occured to me...



Wanna know something weird?
Twilight starts with a T and ends with a T,
New Moon starts with a N and ends with a N, and
Eclipse stars with an E and ends with an E!!!!!!!!
If only breaking dawn followed the same pattern! Wonder if anyone else noticed that!


So what do you say, people?? Let me know :)))

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It's some kind of magic I think))
hmmm... may be...I don't know.....
because me? I've never noticed that kind of pattern before.....hehehehe.....but now, I know!!!
He's so hot!!
I agree completely))
No never noticed. funny though lol
yeah I noticed that :-)
No but I knew that they were all luner
Yep!! thats right!!
wow i never noticed that lol
Never noticed it before hand.
lol thanx!! It was just a random idea, though.
oh & u r most welcomed to ponder, wonder, reflect, etc etc......


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