The Twilight Saga

this game is really easy. here r some examples.


question: would u rather kiss edward or jacob?

answer: (this is just me) edward. (and add any details u want.)







                                                         HAVE SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ill start it


question: would u rather hit edward or jacob? reply answers


A fight with either would be fun - imagine the makeup ;  )
Though in either way Ill hurt myself.... But I would love to hit Jacob...

well, seeing as to how I don't want to break anybones, I wouldn't hit either. :)

Maybe I'd use a bat on Jacob though....jk...

I would rather kiss Edward
I would rather hit Jacob.

Would you rather go on a date with Edward or Jacob?
Me personally my answer would be Edward of course.

As you can probably tell I am Team Edward all the way!

i would rather go with edward of course i would love it if i could kiss edward!



question: would u rather have edward or alice save your life? think about it.




question:  would you rather see Emmett or Paul fight a newborn?

Emmett bc i love watchin him fight bc he seems so excited about it lol


QUESTION: would u rather be apart of the wolfpack or the cullen family



I'd pick the Cullen's because they are almos always clean. The pack always weres dirty clothes.


Question: Would you rather kiss Emmett or Jasper?

Me, I would kiss Jasper. He is so damn sexy.

Emmett... he is strong and funny...




Who would you have as your best friend?  Alice or Leah?


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