The Twilight Saga

this game is really easy. here r some examples.


question: would u rather kiss edward or jacob?

answer: (this is just me) edward. (and add any details u want.)







                                                         HAVE SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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edward ofcourse! ^^ And i would like to c emmett fight a newborn and be a cullen!!! and alice would be my bf!
ME 2
Edward for sure...

it would be edward...and no one else..


would you rather drink blood or animal blood

mine: animal blood

This is going to be a hard one. My friend told me this, and I declined to answer.

Would you rather kiss Edward once and never see him again

Or.. Would you rather see Edward for the rest of your life as a vampire, marry him, but you can't kiss him, in all the time you're with him.

It's hard.. >:( I can't even answer.

Please answer though! ;-D

Gee that is a hard one.


why can't I kiss him in the time I am with him?  I mean, marry him means I can kiss him right?  So why can't I?


I think I would want to do both.... kiss him once and not see him again.... and see him for rest of my life and kiss him :)



question: would u rather climb trees with edward or jacob?

Edward because if you fall he could grab you before you fell.


Question: Would you rather go on a date with Edward or Carlisle?

Edward ofcourse!! <3


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