The Twilight Saga

this game is really easy. here r some examples.


question: would u rather kiss edward or jacob?

answer: (this is just me) edward. (and add any details u want.)







                                                         HAVE SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leah because she is strong and not a girly girl like alice, But i would want both as friends.


Question: Would you rather have Seth as a brother or Embry?

Seth is an awesome kid.... embry is a funny kid... hmm tough choice Samantha :)


QUESTION: Who would you rather have on your side.... the Volturi or Werewolves?

Alice, she seems more honest.
Alice.. I would love to go shopping with her...
Alice ALL the way!
Emmett - muscles, muscles, muscles.

I said Volturi or Werewolves LOL....

I would rather meet werewolves instead of the Volturi ;)

agreed :D
Cullen family... They are so classy...


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