The Twilight Saga

this game is really easy. here r some examples.


question: would u rather kiss edward or jacob?

answer: (this is just me) edward. (and add any details u want.)







                                                         HAVE SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think it would be fun to climb on a tree with Edward...
Yes, but the answer you gave wasn't want of my answer choices. It wasn't supposed to be easy.
OMG, this is an easy one. Please do harder ones though. I'd obviously go on a date with Edward.

If you were Bella and you had to choose someone to die, who would you choose?


Edward or Nessie??


Ps. I can't even answer this one. Knowing Bells though, she'd probably find a way to make so that she would be killed and not them. But then again if Edward dies...Bella is following soon after.

OMG that is soo hard, i dont know wat to choose! 0.o

I would rathe have the wolves because they are the good guys.

Question: Who would you rather have as a mother figure, Esme or Mrs. Clearwater?
I wouldn't want any of them to die.

To TEAM 3DWARD17's question, I decline to answer. Can't even think >:(

And . . . to Bianca Amanda Doutly question definitly Esme, she's so sweet :)

Question: Nomad or Vegetarian (Vampire Wise)

Vegetarian  im a wannabe Cullen <3


Question: which extra power would you want, see the future or read minds? :)

depends i would want both just to be different
Read Minds! Although if it wasn't multiple choice, I would want a mental shield.

i would rather kiss edward too hes my husband so stay off the details arre it would be 10 mintues long,longger then bella ever  had






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