The Twilight Saga

I'm  35 nearly 36...

Is it wrong for me to love the Twilight saga so much? I'm so obsessed with it, or maybe more so Robert Pattinson... Everyday I think about Twilight / Rob... is it ok for a woman my age to obsess so much? Maybe I need to go out more, lol!!! x

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me to.. i'm so obsessed with it..
every second, every minute i am always thinking of it.. lol..
my classmate always getting mad at me because i am always opening topic about it.. haha
also my mom.. im so obsessed.. oh my god!!! too...
haha ya "age is just a number baby. how old are u now like 40?"- from New Moon sry saw the oppurtunity. and i dont think its wrong to obsess over something like twilight/ Rob. As long as the obsession doesnt turn to stalking = D
hahaha.. yeah right.. but if i have opportunity to stalk rob.. i'm gonna do that.. lol
but i'm here in the philippines.. it's really to far from him.. lol
how i wish i can see him in person.. but its never gonna happen.. only in my dreams..
Hey it is perfectly fine to love twilight/robbert no matter what age u are!
yeah... that's right........... i agree..
Don't worry about your age sweetie! I will be 28 in August and I'm always watching Twilight and New Moon! I will be ordering my tickets for Eclipse! I remember New Moon on opening night. If I hadn't ordered my tickets ahead of time I wouldn't have seen it opening night. I think it's stupid that the Twilight Saga is geared toward teenagers and that's it. You always here teens will be going wild! Well every age will be!!! LOL
i am 19.. but i understand you guys.. there's no age limit.. even my mom.. love it so much.. so..
its really okey...
but here in the philippines one's you are inside the movie theater you can watch it again and again like wat i did in new moon.. lol
me and my classmate was absent in our class at that time because of it.. lol
Hi Emma
I am 32 and LOVE the saga. Go look at the older womans group and see how many members they have. Then you will know you are not alone=-) I also am I BIG Rob fan!
I agree, I'm 33 and I know what you mean. Haha.
Jacob and Bella say that they're much older by the things that they can do.
We just feel a little younger. You're just as old as you feel. Haha.
Dont feel bad. I am 11 and i never STOP talking about Twilight. I am obsessed too. I think Stephenie Meyer wrote the books for everyone to enjoy not just one agegroup.
I'm 30 yrs old and I am obsessed with Twilight!! I love it and even though my husband pokes fun (in good jest) he realizes its just a way for me to get away from the every day drill of life.

I wouldn't worry about your age and what you enjoy doing. Just go with it and have fun.


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