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Why do u guys think Bella handled the transformation from human to vampire so well in breaking dawn? I want 2 see what u all have to say about it.

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I belive that there were many things as to why she handeled it so well.
She had alot of time to fully grasp the life style, she was not going to go it alone,
She had Edwar's family to guide her, but i am wondering about the smell?
She doesn't do blood well, remeber biology class? so that one gets me

I think though she may have been destined from the start as she never realy fit in except with the Cullen's
I think her will to not want to be the typical newborn vampire set her up to handle it better, but I think her shield has alot to do with it as well.

I agree with Aro's comment towards the end of the book it was as if she was destined to become a vampire.

I just finished this but am going to reread it just to get a handle on the finer details, I think I hurried through it out of excitement
i belive she does so well because she knows about vampires and knows wat there like. she learns from them basiclly.
I have a weird feeling it has something to do with her sheild and how it protects her. Maybe she was becasue she was fully aware of the change, but my money is on the sheild is why she was so still and calm during the change.
Well from what I read it seems to be she was destined to become a vampire. Or it could be her shield.
Becuz she wuz prepared, she knew wat 2 expect n so made a concious effort 2 not b like a typical new born.

It is as if she wuz destined 2 b a vampire tho...
i think because she know what was to come, plus the fact that mind is untouchable i think that has a help in it to...
but i was thinking about this last night when i was reading it to.. maybe when james bite here in twilight maybe the venom then did something to her to help here come through it so easy when she finally turned.. im not sure that just what i think
hmm that is interesting Kimmie
good theory
I think she handled it so well bc she had the choice for one and that she had so many people to help her through it. Not to mention the fact that every time she was about to lose it she controlled herself: except the one time with jacob.
She was destined to be a vampire and they said that she was really the only person that wanted to become a vampire so I think she did so well because of her destiny. As far as her not being attracted to the blood smell on her first hunt that confussed me because she liked it before the transformation.
I think she may have liked it before the transformation because Renensmee was a part of her and she needed it.


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