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Hey guys! What were your thoughts about Breaking Dawn? 

1.What was your favorite scene and WHY!

2. What scene did you think could be better and WHY!

3. Since we are all Team Edward, what scene made you swoon and WHY!

4. Are you excited for Part two?!


Honestly, I don't think I can wait for Part Two! I'm so excited! <3

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Hi, everybody, My favorite scene was in the honey moon.... sincerely wonderful!!!!

Maybe the married, I hope more...


I am excited waiting for part two...

Yes, I enjoyed the honey moon scene, too! I'm so excited for the second part!!!! 

i will get back to you. got to go to work :)

No problem! (:

My favorite scene was the where Jacob and Bella were dancing to the part where Edward take Bella back to the wedding I don't know why but there was just something kind of scary and forboding about it, it made me shudder.


I thought the honeymoon scene could have been better. Not the sex part but the rest of the honey moon where they were suppose to be having fun and exploring the island, It could've been better.

The scene that made me swoon was the scene when Edward FINALLY stood up to Bella and yelled at her. I don't know why, there's just something really hot about an angry Edward! :)


I'm REALLY excited for part 2, and it REALLY sucks ass that we have to wait a whole year! :(



Haha! I'm so excited for part two. I don't think I'll be able to wait that long!!! 

Me neither! Hopefully they push the date up a little bit *fingers crossed* :D

Haha. They're not going to push the date up though.. :( It's officially November 16th! TOO LONG! 356 days!?! That's what my countdown clock says... *sigh*

LOL, maybe I should get a countdown clock!

Hey, well at least BD part 1 comes out on DVD in march...That's not too long from now :)

Oh, so they announced the date... Well, it seems like a long time to me LOL! (:

I defiantly will be in line for that at 1 am

haha.....Maybe use a calendar. After a day, circled one day. Then you won't feel too long. After about365 circles, we can watch the part Two!!!! I am using this way and find it useful!!!!!!! :)

Or, all the fans write a letter to the director, then he might push the date up through!!:)


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