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Recently, Team Edward has lost a very dear friend. Some of us much like me have never had the

privilege of knowing her but I think that we can all agree that love and compassion is apart of this team and what one person feels we all feel as a whole. I was thinking that as a team we could maybe momentarily change our profilr pictures to a picture of a letter "C" to honor the memory of Crybaby. I couldn't think of any thing else so I am open to suggestions..................................

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I did not know her but I think that is a great idea. Can you tell me what happen to her.
look on the kisses for crybhabycry thread it tells you in there xx
what actually happened to her?
I forgot to thank you darling Angie for your effort for this discussion. You may not know her personally but im sure she's glad you've pay tribute for her. Bless you darling and a million thanks again.:):):)
No problem :) Anytime
That sounds good angie....I will see to it to change my profile pic....If any other suggestion come up, we will decide upon them as well.........
I think this is a good idea. She was a sweetie, and I like the idea of expressing how much she'll be missed. Here are a couple of "c" pictures I've found.

Wow. Shannon those are great. Here are two others I found.

thanks Shannon I have picked the C with the tiny little angel for me
Thank you very much Shannon for the letter C. I love angels and now I have Crybhaby with me always!!!
Thanks you everyone. thanks Maria and shannon, I used one of your "C" I couldn't find any good ones.
You are welcome Angie.I posted them to share them When If found these I wanted to share them with those in our team who may not be able to find any.


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