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When you first read Twilight, did you expect Jacob's character to play as big a part as he does? Do you think he ended up having too big a part? After all, it is Bella and Edward's story, right? Or do you think Jacob should have had a bigger part? Or, do you think he got the right amount of spotlight? 


The reason I ask is because one of my friends, who has only recently joined the Twilight universe, had to take a break from reading BD right after the Jacob PoV ended. And I was a lucky witness to her tirade... She dropped the book down on the table in front of me and went, I quote, "I can't take this anymore! Twilight was the only [obscene word] book focusing on Bella and Edward. They are the characters I want to see. They are the characters that should get more screen time together; it's their [obscene word] love story, isn't it? I get the conflicts they face in life, but I don't want Jacob in every [obscene word] page of these books! Everywhere I look there's Jacob, Jacob, JACOB! Dude, he's cool and all, but I didn't know Twilight was his [obscene word] story." (Yes, she has a bad mouth when she's irritated about something...XD) 


I told her it was Bella's story and Jacob was a big part of Bella's life, and she said that the books almost revolve more around Jacob than Bella herself. So, that made me curious for more opinions. Do you agree with her or disagree? Whether you love him or hate him, do you think Jacob has kind of invaded the story a little too much?

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i seriously wouldve prefered edward instead of the jacob portion in BD cuz like he's a mind reader so he couldve seen everything that jacob went through during that part and like its his wife and his kid so thats just my thought.
But he was so distraught that he really wasn't paying attentio to anyone besides Bella and Jacob when he arrived. I don't think I would want to be in the mind of someone loosing the love of there existence.
I agree with you on that instead of pushing Edward to the back and bringin him when needed they should have done that with Jacob and just brought him in when needed. Yes he is important to the story but some things stephenie could have left out. The part where he witnessed Bellas transformation and birth was important but i dnt think it was neccessary 2 have a whole section of the book just dedicated to him tellin about his life and the wolfpack mostly. Describin the wolfpack and his depressing life doesnt have anything 2 do with bella and edward. All the book needed was him tlkin about how he felt about bella or talkin about her transformation and birth and family thats it. And it would have been amazing to have a section devoted to edwards point of view they have bellas and jacobs point of view uhh hello ur missing another main character is he not important enough 2 give a section 2.
Jacob's view point was necessary for BD, but I do think Edward should have gotten something in his PoV. (Like Midnight Sun.) Or at least something that involved him more, so we got his side of things, or had nice father/daughter moments with him. (Or all the Cullens really. Aside from Rosalie, I felt the family as a whole lacked participation in scenes.)
Maybe it's not a case of too much Jacob, but not enough Edward.
yeah..i agree with you!
Without Jacob's close relationship with Bella, the Wolves might not have been aware of the coming "newborn army", at least not in time to get the training offered by Jasper and might have not had the ambush set up = some dead Cullens and some dead Wolves! The close relationship also kept the Wolves from attacking the Cullens before Renessmee could be born. Without the Wolves standing with the Cullens when the Voluturi came the ending of Breaking Dawn would have been very sad story indeed! No, in my opinion, without Jacob as a major player, things would have been far worse for the Cullens, including Edward, Bella & Renesmee!
Yes, I think a lot of people would agree with you -- Jacob is a major player in this series. Thank you for the input. :)
so true..
To make it a good story there has to be a foil.  Jacob was that foil.  If BD was just from edward and Belle POV the story would not have moved on.  However, there are many parts of the story where Bella is with Remesme and of course Jacob is there, but no Edward. I'm guessing Edwad stayed away b/c of Jacob.  I would have loved to see more Edward with Renesme. Edward and Renesme playing music together, he could have run with her on his back like he did Bella, etc.  I did get a little tired of Jacob. Maybe b/c he takes over the story, maybe b/c I just love Edward and could read about him all day.

Edward and Renesmee did need more father/daughter moments. And I like what you said.

"Maybe it's not a case of too much Jacob, but not enough Edward."

That could be the problem for many, and that's a very good point. 




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