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When you first read Twilight, did you expect Jacob's character to play as big a part as he does? Do you think he ended up having too big a part? After all, it is Bella and Edward's story, right? Or do you think Jacob should have had a bigger part? Or, do you think he got the right amount of spotlight? 


The reason I ask is because one of my friends, who has only recently joined the Twilight universe, had to take a break from reading BD right after the Jacob PoV ended. And I was a lucky witness to her tirade... She dropped the book down on the table in front of me and went, I quote, "I can't take this anymore! Twilight was the only [obscene word] book focusing on Bella and Edward. They are the characters I want to see. They are the characters that should get more screen time together; it's their [obscene word] love story, isn't it? I get the conflicts they face in life, but I don't want Jacob in every [obscene word] page of these books! Everywhere I look there's Jacob, Jacob, JACOB! Dude, he's cool and all, but I didn't know Twilight was his [obscene word] story." (Yes, she has a bad mouth when she's irritated about something...XD) 


I told her it was Bella's story and Jacob was a big part of Bella's life, and she said that the books almost revolve more around Jacob than Bella herself. So, that made me curious for more opinions. Do you agree with her or disagree? Whether you love him or hate him, do you think Jacob has kind of invaded the story a little too much?

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I love both Edward and Jacob... My favorite part in BD was Jacobs book. I loved getting to no what was going on with Bella through his eyes because if it would have been in Bellas it would have been pain and suffering and playing it off to be OK. If it was in Edwards POV then it would have been pain and suffering. It had to be in Jacobs to get a good look and a logical look at what Bella went through while Pregnant. I think Edward and Bella's story wouldn't be so elaborate if Jacob had a lesser part to play. He was so important to Bella and his love for Bella made Edward and Bellas story that much more interesting. I think he was in it just enough to make Edward and Bella have to work at what they have. Could you imagin what would have happen to her if Jacob wasn't apart of her life in NM? I don' think she would have made it. It is that relationship in NM that plays into Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward even says it himself. I left you and now Jacob is apart of your life because of that. If Edward wouldn't have left Jacob would have stayed the back character he was in Twilight but what complications would Edward and Bella have to face besides Vampires chasing her in the rest of the books without that relationship.


Good Question! I can't wait to read what people think on this either!

Yes, it was necessary to be in Jacob's head throughout the pregnancy. I think my friend believes this too, just the moment he imprinted on Renesmee she felt "Oh look, just another thing Jacob's taking over." I mean, I kind of see her point; Jacob seems to have more "on-screen time", so to speak, than Edward. But I also agree with you--Jacob adds more to Bella and Edward's story. You have very good points.

Twilight is told from Bella's perspective. Jacob became part of her life, so thats why he has such a big part.

I think the Cullens would have been destroyed had Jacob not loved Bella and recognized that the "Newborn Army" (in Eclipse) was a threat to everyone in Forks and La Push. Without the "wolves" not many Cullens would have made it through the first fight let alone when the Volturi "came knocking" in Breaking Dawn! Also, I believe vampire Bella would have been forlorn knowing the Vulturi were coming if she didn't have Jacob (having imprinted on Renesmee) to set them up as Mr. Wolf and his daughter in case the Vulturi decided to fight and it all went bad as it probably would have without the wolves willing to stand with the Cullens. Without the wolves and without the fake I.D.s and money in Renesmee's back pack all would seem lost! To me, Jacob is a key element in the story!

I agree with you! The wolves are what stopped the Volturi in in BD. If they didn't show up who knows if they would have stopped and listened! I didn't think of the part with the fake ID's and Bella having an escape plan for Nessie! VERY GOOD POINT! Jacob is just as much a main character as Bella and Edward in my opinion!
Jacob was always a big part of the story it just when the last book came we got to see how much he was. In the first book Bella has a dream about edward and  Jacob which open up for book 2 if any one was paying attention. I dont think it shoul have revolved around his life in the BD it still could have got the things said and done with out it being in his POV and should have been in edwards I would have loved to hear it from his POV that would have been good
Although Jacob is a big part of story, I would be happier if there would be less Jacob. I agree with your friend, Twilight is Edwards&Bellas story.
I am with u Elita. I know they needed Jacobs POV, but I would have also like to have heard Edwards POV. Less Jacob and more of Bella and Edward definatley. 

Thank you for all your replies so far. I have mixed opinions on the subject myself.

There are some good points on why Jacob is important in the series. But do you think those couldn’t have happened if Jacob had just a little less screen-time? Did his name and character have to pop in everywhere? People bought Twilight for Bella and Edward; they bought New Moon for the same reason (Jacob wasn’t big yet). For the most part, people read this series for B and E. So, with that, I can understand the people who feel Jacob is overused. He played his part in Twilight through Eclipse, but in BD it should have been all about Bella and Edward and their family… Do you think Stephenie Meyer had Jacob overshadow Edward in the last book? Even Renesmee dreamed of Jacob over her own father. As a whole (I’m not talking about just one little scene), Breaking Dawn in general kind of pushed Edward off to the side, only bringing him in when he was needed, while it focused on Bella and Jacob’s problems; and it should have focused on Bella and Edward’s problems, while only bringing Jacob in when he was needed. Jacob is the extra character; not Edward. 

Any thoughts?

I don't think the stories would have ended up like they did without Jacob in them like he was. The wolves helped them in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and without Jacob's tie to Bella and Nessie there would have been no way the wolves would have helped like they did. Edward I don't believe was over shadowed. He was in book one and three alot and in book two he was just a mess. It was probably best he wasn't a big part because Jacob says it himself that he looks like he might litterly die. I think it was nice that Jacob imprinted on Bella because then Bella could have the friendship she wanted and so despertly needed and Jacob got his true love and was still tied to Bella. I think the books would have been boring or nonexistent if Jacob wasn't as apart of them as he was!

yes yes yes..edward was a mess during pregnancy period...he wasnt thinking coherently so it ws better it was frrom Jacobs Pov...i want edwards POv from first part and wen bella finally became a vampire...thats wat excites me.....

(IMHO) it was jacob who changed that tensed environment by little jokes with rosalie nd i laughed wen i thought i wouldnt......

for me jacob is as important character as edward doesnt change the fact that IT was bella and edward never had nd never would...wat i think its just he wsnt edward.....he wsnt polite..if i have 2 say..he ws best friend nd he played his role perfectly throughout..even knowing specially in BD ....its just gonna hurt him

nd most of all..He is the one who gives permission one can forget that....he was there everytime for her even when not real life we rarely get friends like him


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