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So, how many of you guys are having a hard time with your family about your obsession with the TS?.  Well I am, I was just told by my husband that old and married women are not supposed to be into this.  I am not that old, I'm 30 but I somehow feel that he's right....

In the brake down I had I got rid of all my TS stuff :( and am seriously thinking of forgetting about all this.

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Ok I am 26 married and have a kid and I get crap about being in love with the TS but I don't care at all its something that I enjoy greatly and you shouldn't give up something you enjoy just because your husband thinks you are to old. There is no age on enjoyment!
Awww that's not right! My husband is actually pretty good about it. Back when I thought Jacob was hot, he somehow could tell haha and he even made a joke about it haha, the night that Taylor was hosting SNL he said to our daughter "Lea's boyfriend is going to be on TV tonight. :o

Anyway you are NOT too old to like a story about romance, mystery, action, and supernatural themes. It's not like you are reading the Babysitters Club! lol.

You should not feel bad. If there was anything abnormal or weird about it, then there are ALOT of abnormal, weird women running around! It's just a great story, and also I think as far as teh movie goes, great casting (cough, cough ROBERT PATTINSON for example!).

You shouldn't forget about it. If it makes you happy that's all that matters. You're not doing anything to feel bad about!
that is just ridiculous....
I'm 16 ad me and my mom (who is 38) both LOVE twilight. it doesn't matter how old you are,you really shouldn't 'stop' being a twilight fan just because someone told you to. but that's just my opinion.
I think it's fine! I'm 31,and sure EDWARD is so hot,but that's just it. He's a beautiful creature to look at. We all can appreciate beauty. And it IS just a book. Don't be so hard on your self,most women love romance novels,this one just happens to be juicier than most,and SCARIER:) It's just fun!!
my Husband thinks it's hilarious....... he'd never tell me I was too old though [although i'm 27 and he's 31] and we have 3 young children

I think,, for me, it's Edwards personality that is so damn HOT. I like the scrawnier type guys too [hubby's lucky] so Edward has appeal to me like that too....
I am very obsessed about all of this stuff to. I am 42 years old. My husband understands. This is one of the greatest love stories ever told, It beats romeo and juliet. I hope that in eclipse she does marry edward and becomes his kind. I just love it.
I'm 28, and can't stop reading the books... I'm a little embarrassed about my obsession sometimes, but still can't get over it lol. I feel incomplete if I leave the house without one of the books in my hand.
I'm 31 and I'd get rid of my husband before I'd get rid of my Twilight stuff (of course, we don't have the best marriage, so I guess that is easy for me to say)..........I don't care how old you are, if you are 'in to' somthing, then your 'in to' it......and if he can't deal with it, that is his problem, not yours. You're free to like what you like........
Hell Yeah. My husband plays his computer games [Halo, COD5 etc etc] so I read and watch TS.
I am 30 as well and am pretty obsessed with it but I am not ashamed of it. My husband does pick on me for it but it's all in good fun. If you are interested in something no one should make you quit unless it was harming you or others. Is he really all that upset that you have found something you are interested in or is he maybe upset that he doesn't have a release like you do?

Try talking to him about it and trying to express exactly why you enjoy this saga. He may just not understand why this has affected you so much. It may help.

You also sound like you may feel guilty for letting yourself indulge in something that benefits you, I find that now that I am married with children that I don't have much time for myself at all so having something like this lets me let go of all the stress of the day and truly relax. Don't give that action up - it's what will keep you sane. It doesn't have to be Twilight and can be anything.

Keep your head up, hope everything works out for the best :)
here here. I think, that especially when you're married and have children you need a release. Children are so demanding and time consuming that I feel I need something...
I would not let anyone tell me to get rid of my Twilight books and I am older then you are. If they did I would hit them on the head ( with Breaking's the heaviest).
No seriously, who makes these rules? I am a little embarrassed sometimes when I tell other adults that I like the series but have found that many are supportive and some of them are into it too. I love the books and have read them several times. I was pretty obsessed at one point and had to think about what I needed to do to pull myself out of that a bit.I read The Host and really enjoyed that one as well, it helped me to move on a little.


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