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So, how many of you guys are having a hard time with your family about your obsession with the TS?.  Well I am, I was just told by my husband that old and married women are not supposed to be into this.  I am not that old, I'm 30 but I somehow feel that he's right....

In the brake down I had I got rid of all my TS stuff :( and am seriously thinking of forgetting about all this.

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Er, what?!

Does it matter how old you are?

All you are doing is reading some books that, yes, maybe are aimed at younger teenagers. But look at how many 'older' people are into the saga.

As long as you aren't wishing your life away thinking you will meet Edward and he will be yours and you will get married (please tell me your not :P), then, there isn't a problem.

I'm 23, and I'm obsessed with the saga! It's doesn't effect my life in any way. It's a book. That's all. As long as you still enjoy reading the books, and talking to like minded people on the internet, then keep doing it. So long as it doesn't rule your life!
i know im not 'old' but why should you just get rid of something you like because someone else has told you you're 'too old' to like it or whatever. thats not fair or right. You have your right to enjoy the twilight saga just like everyone else has so dont give in! The TS can be a way to escape to for a bit. If you like it then stick with it! Its such a captivating story filled with romance humour suspence and basically everything a good book should have, and it draws people in and at some points makes them sad but mostly makes them happy so why have someone tell you you can't have your happyness? Some people are obsessed over a particular rock band or films and books are just the same, if its something you enjoy then enjoy it :)
I am 32 and love them. SM was 29 when she wrote twilight and it wasn't written with the sole intent of being for a young audience. In fact forever dawn was written for an older audience but was changed once new moon and eclipse were bought into play and the majority of readers were younger and was then changed to breaking dawn. I hope that one day the original book comes out.

My Husband has no idea why I love them so much and has mocked me for it but I don't give a hoot. It is him missing out on one of my passions that I now share with my friends who also love it, all aged between 30 - 32. Don't let other people influence your likes or dislikes, only you can make yourself feel bad by letting someone make you feel that way.
Im 32 and into it now almost as much as my daughter, I don't have posts of the cast all over my room or anything but YES! I waited in line for HOURS to see New Moon at the 1st showing with my daughter. I'll admit that I hadnt even HEARD of Twilight until my Daughter was so into it, she got me to watch the movie with her on DVD and I was HOOKED. I bought (and read) all 4 books within 2 weeks of seeing the dvd. While it is pretty much un-spoken that it was geared for a younger audience alot of people don't know that S.M. is a Mormon and didn't want to write R-rated things into the series. Age is subjective anyways.
Age is but a number if you like don't stop liking it just because someone says your too old
im 29 and my kids give me a hard time with it cause they say that i love edward and infact i just love book that can bring u in it and that u feel like u are part of it and i got the twilight movie for my husband for his fathers day gift and i feel in love it that way i didnt start reading the books till after i say nm in theater and than i could wait till the third movie came out and so i got the books from my neighbor and started reading all three and i bought the 4th book and it is my favorit one every
I know women in their 60's that read TS and love it. honestly how can one be too old to read????? Reading is for all ages, plus TS is very addictive I'm 20 & people tell me i'm too old but guess what I DON'T CARE I love TS now & I will still love it when i'm 40. its a really great story line
Iam 24 years old a single parent and college student if it werent for twilight i wouldnt know how to get through the bad crap in my life.... Yes i get treated badly by my aunt and grandmother for likeing twilight they think it is against the bible and all that stuff... its a book series a great awsome book series and the movies just make everything bettter if you ask me........ twilight is a kiddy movie compared to true blood on hbo that is sick Twilight is awsome he should be understanding as for breaking down and throwing your TS stuff away not the best idea some of that stuff is worth some bucks if you get on the right site to sell it. Keep the faith if your a Twilight fan than that shouldnt borther other people but i know it dose i wish it didnt but they need to get over it.
Well you can start by telling your husband that Twilight was written by a then 29 year old married mother (Stephenie Meyer) and that the book was not originally written for teenagers. Instead, it was written purely for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the author alone.

I'm 38. My sweetie is 54. He supports me in my twilight habit. He knows it's harmless escapism and it brings me pleasure. I never would have read the saga if his mother (my mother-in-law, who is 80 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) wouldn't have sent the Twilight book home with him and insisted I read it because she knew I'd love it as much as she does. Did I mention that she's 80? So no, you're not too old.

Also, check out the Grown Up, Sucked In, and Loving It group on this site. It is full of adult fans of the saga, some of whom are much older than you. So you won't feel alone or out of place. Also, that group has split off into their own website. Information about it is available on the groups main page or feel free to e-mail me if you're interested and I'll send you info. The GUSIALI fans are even trying to plan a cruise so we can all meet and share our love of the saga.

Believe me, you're never too old to believe in true love or enjoy a little fantasy fiction. Hope that helps a bit!
haha you're 38 yo and you're saying you're not old to be a Twi-Hard...but what about me? I'm going to be 22 next month and all my friends literally either laugh at me or roll their eyes when I say that reading the Saga is the very best part of my day, or that I'm just crazy about it! Most of the time it really hurts BUT I never thought about forgetting all about it, I just stop mentioning it or anything about it in front of them, so that they won't make fun of me..It really bugs and guess what? they're not even frequent readers as I am! I mean what do I do? I really would LOVE it if I had not only e-friends with whom I share my obsession but actually friends I see everyday. It would be awesome, but they never read it, don't know nothing about it except that it was destined for teenagers and that I shouldn't be interested in it, because I am THAT old.
oh my! my husband said something along those lines too. when i got done with the books he was like, "kids, this is your mother, do you remember her?" nice i know. but i couldn't put the books down. i told him i was going to read them again and he was like er, what? lol well i will but i will wait a while and read something else for awhile. so don't think you are too old to like twilight casue your not. i know people a lot older than 30 that have read it and loved it! oh and you totaly need to get your twilight stuff back, think of it as a hobby. ;)
it doesn´t matter how old are you.

the mean thing is that you have fun & enjoy ;)

i´m 29 and what others say - i don´t care !


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