The Twilight Saga

I have always wondered why someone is really TEAM EDWARD!
Mine are:
1.) He's Dreamy!
2.) We share the same morals.
3.)He's such a gentleman.(the idealistic man)
4.)He is a vampire(they are awesome)
5.) He dazzles me!

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Here is my top 5 -
1. He is a kind and considerate man (not an immature, selfish mutt)
2. He is extremely good looking
3. He loves Bella more than anything else for whom she is
4. He composes a lullabye for Bella
5. He is extremely hot ( I know I mentioned something similar in no 2, but this is a very important aspect)
awwwwww! i loves ur reason! are my top 5

1. He's Hot
2. He's a gentleman
3. He's a vampire!!!
4. He stay's all night with you just to watch you sleep <3
5. He's Soooo Romantic!! <3
i love ur reason!
1.) hes obviously hot
2.) hes a vampire
3.)hes romantic
4.)he watches me sleep
5.) hes a gentlemen
Here is my top 5-
1. He is sexy...without even trying
2. He adores Bella and does whatever it takes to make her happy
3. He looks at her like he worships the ground she walks on
4. He is SOOO much of a gentleman
5. He knows that he is immortal and has decided to spend ALL ETERNITY with Bell(we women have a hard time getting a man to commit til death do us part)
LOL...the last one gets me your reasons Maria
u took the words right out of my mouth. ;P its like u can read minds...hehe ;]
1.- He is gorgeous of course.

2.-He is romantic

3.- He is rich

4.- He is a vampire not a stinky wolf

5.- He drives fast
Right on girl!
1. He is sooooo hot!!
2. He is so caring and loving
3. He would do anything bella wants ( even if it were to break his heart, like her telling him she wants jacob )
4. He is a vampire ( like nessie said i love vampire too )
5. He is everything anyone could ever want, and more


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