The Twilight Saga

How much additional stuff have you bought either in a store or on the internet?
(Example: jewelry, blankets, lunch boxes etc...)

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ive brought books related to the saga, blankets, shirts, sweaters, bookmarks, jewelry, jewelry box, bag, posters...thats all i can think of off the top of my head
I have all 4 books, a very soft blanket with Edward on it, the Cullen crest for a key chain, and some posters.
i have a shirt the books an aluminum water bottle (team edward) a poster n a new moon cup n edward buttons and edward braclet... yea i want alot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so who ever is willing to donate PLEASE let me kno=]]
Well ..
I have all books - both in English and in Hebrew (that's my language), posters, a painting of Rob in Twilight (by an artist, from London), some bagdes of NM (including an "Edward" one [; ), cards of NM (from Germany), a t-shirt that's on it: "Edward Cullen <3" in Hebrew and hopefully, soon I'll get more! :D


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