The Twilight Saga

Has anyone ever had any contact with any of the TWILIGHT actors ? And if so , in what way ?
I was wondering this as I would love to send fan mail or an e-mail . Thanks to anyone who can help !

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OK , thanks :)
I'd say that she is lying .
Hmmmmmm thats a bit silly to do something like that
its hard i would love to email stephanie meyer i think before the movies came out it was easier to contact alot of the actors and stuff as they did a lot of indie movies or tv show small supporting roles or smaller movies they were known but not at this level now they are so much more intreverted and gaurd there privacy which i dont blame them there are scary people out there but its not fair as some of us just want to send a harmless email u know so sorry and unless people can post a photo of themselves with the actors they say they know i would be wary
Ashley Greene, Rachelle LeFevre and Peter Facinelle have official twitter pages. they send tweets all the time and you can reply back to them. they really do answer,well they have replied back to mine. good luck


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