The Twilight Saga

At my school everybody calls me the "Twilight freak". I didn't mind it at first, but it's annoying me now!
And the other day i heard this guy i fancy say to my friend " I wouldn't go out with the Twilight freak because she gets obsessed with stuff and would become clingy" !!!!!!!!

Are you being called anything???

I'd hate to be the only one :(

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yes. i am the only one who likes twilight in my whole school

vamp freak

and alot of curse words
no ur not the only one. I get called that too. Yes it is annoying.
i just want to say thank-you to everyone again... on friday i just ignored them and it was better :) :) thank you all so much :D
That's good Antonia!! You'll see that it will go better every time! Just don't bother them and enjoy yourself! You go girl!
0_o That's harsh... and uber immature.

You're definitely not the only one...

I was wearing my Team Edward shirt while giving an English presentation and some of the guys in the class were mocking me through the whole thing: "Ohhh, Edward! I love Edward!" TT_TT
That's mean! I don't understand why they need to do that.. It's not like they are saying those things to people who wear like a t-shirt of the beatles for instance! It's so unfaire!
You are absolutely not the only one and it's really good that you stand up for yourself like that! They have absolutely no right to treath anyone like that! Everyone has different interests and it's not because you don't like what someone else likes, that that other one is strange..! I like it that I can talk about twilight with some people on my school, but in class I try to keep it to a minimum because I know that everyone would have a comment. But sometimes I just can't hold it in and then some might laugh at me but hey, that's their problem. There is one girl in my class that is almost as obsessed as me and it's really fun to talk with her about Rob!!
My friends think I'm crazy. But I don't care. I love Edward so much and I'll be REALLY CRAZY if I don't show my love. :)
*laughs* I love your attitude!
You wouldn't wanna go out with that guy either :S

Gee! i've been obsessed with Pearl Jam since I was 13 years old back in 1991 and when i say obsessed I mean it, I've seen them live 56 times, traveled all over to catch them in concert and dont even get me started with how much money Ive spent on them ...some people as I was growing up thought I was defo weird but you know what? those are the people you dont need in your life anyways.... my husband found me 8 years ago and he is a Pearl Jam fan as well and didn't mind I was obsessed with them, he was the right person for me, the rest dont matter.

Right now my boss calls me "the teenager" or "bella" depending on his mood, he is amused by the fact that I'm 31 and so into these books... I dont care though.. and you shouldn't either ;)
Sometimes people are just jealous because they are not passionate about anything,
Oh my i guess i can understand how you've felt hearing like that so real from someone's mouth directly.
My sympathy to you girl, but don't be sad because deep inside you are happy and inspired! lol

If there's a question asking me to say something about myself these days i always utter this "I'M A TWILIGHT JUNKIE" because i now i am! this is my first time to feel hyperventilation about something even by just only hearing the soundtrack! goodness! and I'm proud, it gives me the feeling and reminder that I'm still young! hahahaha....i don't care what people think, they are free to think whatever they want... i less care! I'm happy and that's the most important to me :-)
Mappi I agree with you 100%!

People sometimes forget to have fun with life, they have no passion...

I get all kinds of comments from my friends (the non twiligh-fan friends) they usually poke fun at the fact that Im not exactly a teenager, well Im not that old but i am 31, I take it and stride though, it makes no sense to dwell on what others think ;)


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