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At my school everybody calls me the "Twilight freak". I didn't mind it at first, but it's annoying me now!
And the other day i heard this guy i fancy say to my friend " I wouldn't go out with the Twilight freak because she gets obsessed with stuff and would become clingy" !!!!!!!!

Are you being called anything???

I'd hate to be the only one :(

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*Hug*, you will by far not be the only one Antonia! Just annoy everyone who calls you like that, they are just bullies and all they do is try to be tough and cool by hurting other people. You are not the only one who loves twilight and there will always be (sadly) haters, but what they do is just sad. Try to annoy it girl, it'll get better! And if it doesn't.. you still have all of us to cheer you up!
aww thank you so much !!! :)
You're welcome !! *smiles brightly*
They don't have the right to treath you that way!
You're right. It may be hard to calm your twiligt thoughts a bit at school and normally this would really not be necessary, but considering the things that are going on, I might suggest you slow it down a little. That way the people will forget about it, because really how much fun can it be thinking about bullying a person every single day when she does nothing wrong?! That's just pathethic. So if you calm that down a bit, they might leave you alone and you can do whatever you like again not worrying about anyone! Because that is what life is about, being yourself and standing up for what you believe in. I am almost possitive that those people who say those things to you have no passion or a dream or something they really love and believe in, because otherwise they would certainly not react like this. And once again, here you have all of us, Antonia! *hug*
aww.. that is so mean..:(( why people have to do this and say mean things when they dont understand a thing.. ignore them they are simple idiots that dont know what dreaming means and beside my advice is that you shouldnt pay to much attention to those jerks, as long as you have your true friends next to you it will be alright.
thats just ergh. people sometimes! ah drive you mad! but seriously i wouldn't worry about it. If they're going to start saying stuff like that about you, what does that say about them? They're not worth your time worrying about to be honest. I bet theyre just jealous they can't sparkle :P But i wouldn't take it all to heart, some people love to bully others and get a right kick out of seeing them sad or whatever which i downright foul. Everyone has there obsessions anyway ranging from certain books, films, chocolate whatever really so chin up and don't let those idiots get you down! :) If you do it means they've won, so next time they decide to be mean just smile and ignore it, you have better things get on with instead of having to deal with those people. :):) but us twilight bunch are always here to talk :) x
Thank you to everyone :) your so supporting and kind ly :) xx
I'm sorry to hear that you are being picked on. Kids can be real mean especially about things they don't understand. Not everyone will share the same passion as you do. If I were u I would try to keep my twilight life seperate from others. After all why share your passion with them when u can share it with us.what would bella do?
trust me hunni ur not the only 1 and if he said that then he doesnt deserve u, us girls deserve to find r very own edward cullen some1 that doesnt mind the obession with twilight cos we cant help it hes amasing and the books are fantastic
I cant believe someone would say that!
There are so much twilight obsessed fans that have great personalities and i'm sure you one of them!
all you have to do is think of great comebacks! :)
Is it still this bad, Antonia? Don't let them get you down he, girl!


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