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It is really starting to pee me off now how everyone is like "twiligth is crap, not worth watching" The twilight haters are everywhere, and i know that people are entitled to their opinions but most of them havtn even seen it OR read the books! I can honestly admitt that i never wanted to watch twilight i was stubborn and didnt give it a chance, i then watched it and i am a twi-hard! I think they are jelous. Of everything that Twilight is, specially Rob, just because he became an overnight success isnt that what everyone wants? So what are your theories? Why does everyone seem to hate twilight?


Sorry for the rant xD :) xx

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Absoloutly :)
they are jelous and i know it!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorta like you cuz I was forced to read twilight cuz my best friend was taking me to see the movie (which I had never even heard of) the next day. I soon found myself sucked into the world of twilight. I too, deal with twilight haters, but I am proud of converting 5 twihaters to twihards! The others that refuse to read the books or watch the movie are not titled to an opinion because they have not read or seen the material. It's like giving a speech on something you know nothing about, just stupid and pointless. After they read the books or see the movies and they still think it sucks, well then, ok, but otherwise, SHUT UP, AND GO FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO THAN POP OFF ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT!!!!!!
Woop ! x
I value people's opinions and all, but why ruin something that most people love?! If you don't like Twilight, then don't read the books or watch the movies or even buy the stuff!
I feel exactly the same
me and my bestie used to argue about it all the time 'cause i wouldnt shut up about how awesme it was
i shouted at her that she hadnt even seen it and she said she didnt want to
but i made her and now she likes it even if she doesnt love it thats enough for me :)
I agree a lot of people are hating on the entire twilight saga I find it funny because while they are hating twilight is still making a tone of money and every1 seems to love the movies and the books. So let the haters keep on hating hahahahahahahahaha!
They're so immature...

Most of the time they're cynics who'll just mock anything that's popular. In my opinion, people seem to think that they're above us somehow by not liking Twilight... Or it could be that it's no longer considered "cool" to like Twilight so now people are just going: "Meh, whatever, I'll just mock it so my friends don't hate me."

I find that most of the haters are either overly cynical, depressed, or too analytical; they can't just read something for the sake of reading something; they look for faults and hidden messages in the text. BTW I don't mean people who dislike Twilight (cuz it's not for everyone) but people who continually bash it, who are, like, obsessed with hating it.

But, seriously, it's very immature and sometimes very hurtful.
i don't know why there's people who hats the saga and haven't seen it yet, that gets on my nerves!!! and who hates the saga and have seen it, don't have to blame it cause they didn't like it! they just have to shut and reserve opinions for themselves, and don't to treat us like we are mentally retarded, but i think who saw the saga can't hate it and say they don't like it... do you know somebody who saw the movie and didn't like it?
i got my theory from a twilight haters themselves they think they are unique because the hate what everyone else love.
I became addicted to Twilight this past sunday. I didn't hate it before, it was weird cause I voted for it during people's choice awards. But now, I think all twilight haters should be fed to victoria.
they are jelous


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