The Twilight Saga

Name all the twilight items u have



2 t-shirts
2 posters
1 cutout
1 jacket
both movies
3 tickets to Eclipse for June 30 (i only need two)
box o chocolatesa (had)
1 callender
1 twilight venom lipstain

1 twilight choker

the books of course

i team edward charm braclet



i think thats all

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I honestly can't count everything, how sad is that:)
where can i get twilight items...
its a shame..i dont even own one single item..
its really shameful,all i have are some magazine which features twilight saga,,
i want to have a dreamcatcher,tshirt,cullen crest, and a lot more...
Your not the only one I dont have anything eaither
but my mum promissed to get me rosalie's neclace with the crest
well..i do have some planning to save up for the journals....

wee so excited for the eclipse showing...

hope we can both have our own twilight items soon...


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